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Liberia: Plot to Assassinate Pres Sirleaf Exposed by Opposition Party Youth Wing, Implicates Defense Minister, Others

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MR Jefferson Koijee, Chairman

The Revolutionary National Youth League

Congress for Democratic Change-CDC

Bernard Compound, Opposite LoneStar Office

Congo Town-Monrovia, Liberia

0886-407-969, 0880-285-447, 0886-736-116

October 2, 2013

Members of the media, my fellow Liberians: On many occasions, I have had the chance to share with you thoughts and observations on how to move our country forward. Today is even much more important than that. These concerns I share with you are quite critical in determining whether this nation reinstitutes the ugly past or distances itself finally from the carnage that few Liberians brought upon us to satisfy their greed while capitalizing on the unpreparedness of the rest of us. During the course of the past few days and weeks, a lot of things have happened.

JKOIJEEYou have seen a group of Liberians ask their president to leave office on the basis of grievances. You have seen the President’s son resigned from his two of his privileged posts served in government. You have seen another group of Liberians launch a movement to ask President Sirleaf to remain in office and not resign like her son. You have noticed hints that a former Liberian politician intends to return to politics. You may have also noticed that an internationally recognized group of assassins were recently found to be in Liberia.

Yet in all of these things we have remained strangely quiet, permitting the free exercise of the rights of Liberians where those rights can be peacefully exercised. But everything is not what it seems. There is no group called Liberians for the Protection of Peace and Democracy. That mob of ill-historied individuals is unified only by their regrettable role in the pillaging of our nation’s resources in past regimes.

Some of them, like Musa Bility are still being pursued by the Liberian justice system for tax evasion and other offenses. A person like Benjamin Sanvee was Youth Advisor to former President Taylor at a time when other youth and independent thinkers like Hassan Bility, Trouble Suah and Kimmie Weeks were being brutally chased out of Liberia. We hope he knew peace then. But their history is not what bothers us. After all we are all Liberians and we have learned to always forgive and sometimes forget.

It is their intentions that disturb us. Musa Bility, Commany Wesseh and their cohorts are overly aware that there reasons while Madam Sirleaf is President. The Constitution of Liberia is one and the general desire of the Liberian people for rest is another. Having marches, parades or launching programs do not count in this regard.



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