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Liberia: President Sirleaf’s Son, Robert Sirleaf Resigns as Head of Liberian Oil Boss

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Monrovia, Liberia – President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has accepted the letter of resignation of Robert Sirleaf from both his roles as Chairman of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), and Senior Advisor to the President.

In a response to his letter of September 17, 2013, the President thanked the former Chairman for his extensive public service. Her acceptance letter is set forth in full, below:

“Mr. Chairman,

I accept your resignation as Chairman of the National Oil Company of Liberia and as Senior Advisor to the President. With your departure, this government will lose one of its most capable and valuable assets.

The government, and the nation as a whole, hails your service and achievements during your tenure in both roles. As NOCAL Chairman, you have accomplished the primary mission I entrusted to you in the last 18 months: to successfully lead the reform of our nation’s oil sector into a transparent, accountable framework that will nourish the inclusive development of our country. I salute the extraordinary leadership and dedication you showed in that task. Your job is now complete, and fulfills the promise made to the Liberian people.

As a Senior Advisor you have made profound and lasting contributions to Liberia’s development in many areas: in the electricity sector, our international trade and commercial relations, sports, youth and enterprise development, not to mention the many local initiatives you have implemented to improve the lives of ordinary Liberian citizens. Above all, throughout your work you have shown a tireless dedication to the welfare and advancement of Liberia’s youth.

Perhaps it will be many years before Liberians realize the scale of the profound debt our country owes to you, but I am certain that day will come. Today, the President and the Nation thank you for your patriotic service, and wish you well.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

President of the Republic of Liberia”

Upon accepting the resignation, the President appointed Mr. Fred Bass, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of NOCAL, as Acting Chairman, and appointed Ms. Jacqueline Khoury, a petroleum expert, as a Director to the Board of NOCAL.

Find attached :Mr.Robert Sirleaf Letter of Resignation as NOCAL Chair, Special Advisor

- See more at: http://emansion.gov.lr/2press.php?news_id=2734&related=7&pg=sp#sthash.PDpo6vHN.dpuf

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