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Liberia: Diaspora Remittance Contributes Third of Country’s GDP to Economy, Second Highest in the World

“An astounding World Bank’s report of 2012 on global remittances, Liberians in the Diaspora out-beat per GDP other Africans living abroad by remitting $378 million in 2012, an increase of $18 million from 2011 $360 million remittance.

These remittances, according to World Bank’s report account for third of the country’s GDP, an indispensable fulcrum of Liberia’s economy while foreign aid contributes to less than half of the Diaspora remittance to the country’s GDP. These staggering remittances make Liberia the second highest recipient country of Diaspora remittances, coming second to Tajikstan and the highest in Africa”.


Media’s Bias and Poor Portrayal of Africa Pose Difficulties for African Parents in the Diaspora and their Children, Says Dr. Sabrina Logan of Lehigh Valley Hospital

“we came with two things, our bags and our dreams” , some of us for education, some in search of fortune, and others in search of refuge”. Regardless of our previous situations we had arrived in the “Land of Opportunity”, and thus embarked on our respective journeys idealistic expectations”, the Lehigh Valley Hospital physician, said. It is the American Dream, Dr. Logan emphasized, that anyone can succeed through hard work and lead a life filled with liberty, happiness and success.” “Well, Dr. Logan noted, our arrival was a cultural shock.” The American dream does not tell you “how hard” the hard work will be”.


Liberian Council of Churches Calls for Passing of Anti-Same Sex Marriage Bill

“Calls on all Liberians to discourage the legalization of same-sex marriage or the decriminalization of sodomy in the country as it is un-biblical, un-African and a curse. Similarly, the Council calls on the Honorable House of Representatives to concur with the Honorable House of Senate in passing the anti-same sex marriage bill under the proposed revision of the Liberia Domestic Relations Law”


Liberia: 200 Auditors/Analysts to be Fired at Country’s Auditing Commission, New Auditor General Reigns Havoc

“The new Auditor General has created a paralleled employees, evidence revealed by employing equal numbers of directors and employees who have no idea what an audit or accounting pay them jaw-dropping salaries while the old workers still receive their same that is one fourth what he pays his new workers. As evidence of the salary disparity the new employee receive, all directors were paid US$1,500.00 before his coming to the commission but the Auditor General paralleled directors he appointed are paid US$4,000.00 while the old directors still receive their same salary “.

A G John Morlu

GAC Axe Falls on Foreign Missions, to Audit Permanent Mission at U N / Embassy in Washington DC

“Information corroborated by sources within the General Auditing Commission and Liberian foreign missions in the United States, the GAC will dispatch their auditing team next month to audit Liberian Permanent Mission at the United Nations and Embassy in Washington DC.”

Master Sargeant Doe

Crush Them With Force if Necessary, John G. Rancey Advises Doe: How One Man Evil Genius Ruined Liberia

“Once Liberia recieves her blank check of support from America it is possible to begin the last, but the most formidable task, the total elimination of potential opposition. As we agreed in our discussion, it may be anticipated the most vigorous opposition to your staying on wil come from Nimba County. You may be assured that the leading voice will be that of “your friend”, Thomas Quiwonkpa. I am convinced they are trouble makers who do not hesitate to organize themselves. You can recall Nimba wa the strongest hold of the PPP. Nimbaians seem to love politics, thus, the removal of Thomas and supporters from the army and positions of government must be gradual and most carefully planned. Regardless of the risk, you will agree that Thomas and the other “Nimba heroes” must be totally discredited, if not totally eliminated. I have no doubt that once these critical steps are taken it is certain the people of Liberia will overwhelmingly support a continuation of your leadership in 1985.”

Photo Courtesy: ND

Former Justice Minister Jenkins Scott is Dead!

“Liberians beleive if the National Social Security and Welfare Corpration was living up to its satutory obligation and legal responsiblity to the individual government employee like Cllr. Scott who worked many years with government which means the NSC&WC has huge pension savings for the late Minister Scott, it could had sustained him and would not be reduced and forced to endure such horry of his last days”.

General Thomas Quiwonkpa

On This Day, Where Were You?- Nov. 12, 1985

“We will not acheive the meaning of our purpose of this article if we fail to pay tribute to all our fallen beloved countrymen as the result of November 12, 1985 coup. We pay special tribute to an outstanding and very bright young Liberian journalist, Charles Gbeyon who was killed on this by the Doe government for doing nothing wrong but his noble responsibility, covering the events of the coup as they were unfolding but instead met his untimely death”.

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