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Social Media Group, Liberian Electorial Colllege (LEC) Desribes Legislature’s Action, Overreach

“Our total disagreement and concern is with the overreach of this bill which in effect disenfranchises these individuals from exercising their political choice. It would seem by doing so would be penalizing them for having rendered invaluable services to the country. We are all aware of the role played by the bank in the negotiations and the arduous work done by it toward meeting the benchmarks that were required by the IMF and World Bank for external debt relief. We are also aware of the bank’s continuing astute management over the financial system of Liberia in adopting sound policies for the growth and expansion of the economy. We are cognizant of the low savings rate and depth of non-performing loans which have been some of the major challenges facing the banking system. The bank’s role in channeling loanable funds to underserved segments of the population should be embraced and further harnessed”.


Lawmaker Sounds ‘SOS’: Liberia on the Brink, Fragile Peace Threatened By Oil Corruption, Nepotism and Proxy Presidency

“Mr. Rob Sirleaf, who absolutely has no knowledge of how the international oil and gas sector operates, wanted to force NOCAL to give Block 13 to Chevron at half the amount offered by Gazprom even when Chevron had not participated in the bid for the block, it was the National Legislature with its budgetary and oversight power that mandated that Block 13 be disposed off with no less than $27 million to the government treasury”.


Liberia: Ex-Wife of War Crime Convict and Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor ‘Unapologetic’ for Lawmakers Huge Salary increases

“On her first visit abroad after been removed from United Nations travel band few months ago, Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor and ex-wife war crime convict, Charles Taylor says she is unapologetic for the huge salary increases the Liberian Legislature has given themselves, asserting that she sees no reason why the Liberian public is crying foul. ‘We should in fact be paid more than that taking into account our responsibilities and what we do”.


Liberia: Oath of Office Could Be Re-administered to President Sirleaf

“The failure of President Sirleaf to raise her right hand to conform with the constitution and legal essence of taking an oath, which then binds that person to uphold the oath he or her is taking and can be reprimanded if it is breached, raises the stick that, the Liberian President did not take her oath office since it was not done properly and needs to be re-administered just as president Barrack Obama Oath of Office was re-administered the next day by Chief Justice John Roberts the next morning in the White House because the Oath of Office was mistakenly read by the Chief Justice.”

Leadership of Liberian 53rd Legislature Must Reflect Credibility to Restore Integrity.

“To restore the sanctity of the Liberian Legislature, incoming lawmakers should begin the first step of their million miles of their legislative journey by weeding out former leaders who ineptly led the Legislature and turned that noble body into public ridicule and embarrassment to Liberians around the world. Former leaders of the 52nd Liberian Legislature, including the Speaker Alexander Tyler, Senate Pro tempore, Cletus Wotorson, and Deputy Speaker Tokpa Mulbah are inept and shame to the Liberian nation and people, making it inconceivable that if the 53rd Legislature mean well for their country and people, they will reject those failed and embarrassing leaders from the 52nd Legislature who want to take leadership again”.


Lawmakers Bought By Unity Party Almighty $Dollar…… Says CDC Legislative Caucus Chair

“It is unfortunate opposition lawmakers will be swallowed by the ruling Unity Party”….. Rep. Rufus Neufville

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