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Liberia: Diaspora Remittance Contributes Third of Country’s GDP to Economy, Second Highest in the World

“An astounding World Bank’s report of 2012 on global remittances, Liberians in the Diaspora out-beat per GDP other Africans living abroad by remitting $378 million in 2012, an increase of $18 million from 2011 $360 million remittance.

These remittances, according to World Bank’s report account for third of the country’s GDP, an indispensable fulcrum of Liberia’s economy while foreign aid contributes to less than half of the Diaspora remittance to the country’s GDP. These staggering remittances make Liberia the second highest recipient country of Diaspora remittances, coming second to Tajikstan and the highest in Africa”.


Media’s Bias and Poor Portrayal of Africa Pose Difficulties for African Parents in the Diaspora and their Children, Says Dr. Sabrina Logan of Lehigh Valley Hospital

“we came with two things, our bags and our dreams” , some of us for education, some in search of fortune, and others in search of refuge”. Regardless of our previous situations we had arrived in the “Land of Opportunity”, and thus embarked on our respective journeys idealistic expectations”, the Lehigh Valley Hospital physician, said. It is the American Dream, Dr. Logan emphasized, that anyone can succeed through hard work and lead a life filled with liberty, happiness and success.” “Well, Dr. Logan noted, our arrival was a cultural shock.” The American dream does not tell you “how hard” the hard work will be”.


The New Dispensation Year Under Review-Thank You and Happy New Year

As we marked the end of the year 2010, the end of the first decade of the 2000 millennium, we are humbled and  fascinated that out of the unexpected as every innovation known to man had come  on the horizon to unravel new trend of inventions and discoveries through  curiosity, enthusiasm, and inspiration, so is… Read More ›

General Thomas Quiwonkpa

On This Day, Where Were You?- Nov. 12, 1985

“We will not acheive the meaning of our purpose of this article if we fail to pay tribute to all our fallen beloved countrymen as the result of November 12, 1985 coup. We pay special tribute to an outstanding and very bright young Liberian journalist, Charles Gbeyon who was killed on this by the Doe government for doing nothing wrong but his noble responsibility, covering the events of the coup as they were unfolding but instead met his untimely death”.

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