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Broader Look at “Rampant Corruption” in Liberia

“Corruption, under my administration, will be the major public enemy.” These were the fine words of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at her January 16, 2006 inauguration ceremony. Was this statement strange to Liberians at that time? No”.


WHO Declares Liberia Ebola Free, Country Celebrates

“Therefore, let today’s announcement be a call to arms that we will build a better world for those Ebola could not reach,” the Liberian leader lamented. “It is the least the memories of our dearly departed deserve”

TND Alert: FBI Raids Home of Pres Sireaf’s Son, (Robert Sirleaf) in the United States

“FBI Raids Home of Pres Sireaf’s Son, (Robert Sirleaf) in the United States”


Liberia’s Ebola Outbreak: “President Sirleaf Must Return Home and Lead a National Emergency on “Ebola Outbreak”, the Editorial that was Ignored-

“It comes a time, moment, and or event when Presidents leadership are defined by how they respond to testing times and their response will define the true soul of their leadership and that would be the legacy by which their presidency will be remembered. For President Sirleaf, her response to this deadly threat is heartbreaking. The President needs to cut short her visit, return home immediately and lead her country in this trying times. She has given hundred of speeches around the world, met almost every important world leader, and received every award known to man. It is time the Liberian leader put her personal glory at the back burner and at least in the face of this deadly disaster, put her people and country first”.


Social Media Group, Liberian Electorial Colllege (LEC) Desribes Legislature’s Action, Overreach

“Our total disagreement and concern is with the overreach of this bill which in effect disenfranchises these individuals from exercising their political choice. It would seem by doing so would be penalizing them for having rendered invaluable services to the country. We are all aware of the role played by the bank in the negotiations and the arduous work done by it toward meeting the benchmarks that were required by the IMF and World Bank for external debt relief. We are also aware of the bank’s continuing astute management over the financial system of Liberia in adopting sound policies for the growth and expansion of the economy. We are cognizant of the low savings rate and depth of non-performing loans which have been some of the major challenges facing the banking system. The bank’s role in channeling loanable funds to underserved segments of the population should be embraced and further harnessed”.

President Joyce Banda

Malawi: Pres Sirleaf’s Advice to “Go Slow on Corruption Fight” Rejected, Pres Banda Vows to Fight on If It Means Losing Election

Banda further pointed out that perpetual corrupt practices happen when people choose to be silent.

“This is not a new phenomenon; corruption has always been there since Malawi became an independent nation. We only choose not to speak about it,” she said.

“We need to start fighting corruption from individual, household, community to national level. This is not a Government, President or Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB)’s war. It is everybody’s war,” she stressed.”

Pres Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is a Dual Citizen President: Why the Superficial Dual Citizenship Debate?

“But in the midst of this superficial debate, with antagonists preying on nationalism, sentiments, biases, and outright insinuations steeped in personal opinions and on the other hand, proponents gowned in innocent naïvety, trying to solve a problem which does not exist with a self-manufactured problem. Consequently, both sides are blind-sided with the reality that the current President, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Africa’s first democratically elected female President is herself a dual citizen with both Liberian and German citizenships. With a dual citizen President in the Executive Mansion on Capitol Hill, why the superficial debate dual citizenship is all about and efforts to deny other Liberians who have acquired citizenships of other countries their native Liberian citizenship?”

How President Sirleaf Lost It, Can She Salvage the Damage and Regain Confidence to Govern Until 2017?

“What is obtaining must be a wake up call to the President to take radical approach in running the people’s business and drastically reduce the international travel to focus on the nation’s business. The President has claimed all the awards known to man, it’s time she focuses at home and the people’s business, leave the other janitorial awards not yet wrapped up to the janitors. Beneath all these awards Madam President, your people are starving and dying from malaria and other curable diseases. Enough of the flowery speeches (“sweet talks”) to the international community that are unparalleled to reality your people are living through and no hope in sight”

TND Alert: Liberia|Released Anti-Gov’t Protest Leaders Play Guests to MOLAC’s Conference Call

“A release from the Secretary General of MOLAC-USA, Mr Sayon Nyanwleh disclosed that the two protest leaders who were among other protesters released including Mr Bah-Wah Brownell, leader of the Campaign for the Resignation of Ellen, CARE-Liberia will appear on MOLAC’s -News conference at 5:00 pm eastern time and 4:00 pm central time.

The release further reveals that the two released protest leaders will speak about their arrest, sedition charge, their release, and the current state of affairs, and their next step to demand the resignation of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.”


TND Alert: Liberia| Anti-Gov’t Protesters Defied Odds, Showed Strength at Airport, 3 Leaders Arrested

“Anti-government protest in Liberia who have planned protest over the several weeks when President Sirleaf returns home from abroad, and demand her resignation made true their threat when they showed up in force at the Roberts International Airport outside Monrovia protesting and calling for the resignation of the in defiance of the closing of the main road leading to the airport and from the capital and raiding and arrest of some of their leaders”.

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