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Sierra Leone: Furious Over Destruction of Country’s Economy by London Mining, Journalists Write Pres. Koroma

“Companies, including London Mining, are even bringing in foreign catering companies to prepare among other dishes local food such as rice and cassava leaf for workers.
By way of finding a suitable entry point into the country and cognizant of the fact that the country has a big unemployment issue, the companies use fabulous and catchy phrases such as ‘African Minerals to provide 35,000 jobs’ and ‘London Mining promises 50,000 jobs’ but alas as soon as they enter into operation they start doing something entirely different and the sad thing is that there is often nobody to check that out”.

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Liberia’s Editor Hunger Strike: Imprisoned Liberian Editor, Rodney Sieh is Hospitalized

“The imprisoned Editor of Liberia’s biggest news paper, FrontpageAfrica, Mr. Rodney Sieh has been hospitalized at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in the capitol, Monrovia. According to sources close to Mr Sieh who are working in consultation with his legal team to secure his release, confirmed that the Editor was taken to the hospital from the infamous Monrovia Central Prison early Tuesday morning to the hospital and has been diagnosed with malaria”.

Liberia: FrontpageAfrica’s Editor Fate Hangs in the Balance: Lawyer not Counselor at Law, Can’t Appear before Supreme Court

“The fate of the Editor of Liberia’s biggest newspaper (FrontpageAfrica), Rodney Sieh hangs in the balance as he spends yet another day in prison after he was imprisoned last week. The editor predicament cannot be more complicated when his lead counsel, Attorney Samuel Koffi Woods confirmed queries from callers last night on a talk show on Destiny radio that he is not counselor- at -law to appear before the Supreme Court where Mr. Sieh will have to re-file his appeal”.


Veteran Liberian Journalist, Tom Kamara Is Dead

“Veteran Liberian journalist and publisher of one Liberia’s fearless and reputable newspaer, the New Democrat, Tom Kamara died this morning in Brussel after a sudden collapse Brussel airport on Monday”.

L-R, Peter Quaqua PUL Prexy

Liberian Media Houses Get Big Payoff From Ruling Party for President Sirleaf Election Propaganda

“Liberia media institutions have come under sharp criticism for their bias reporting and propaganda in favor of the Unity Party and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf against the opposition such that the Carter Center and other international institutions have registered their frustration about the Liberian media’s bad reporting and propaganda posture during the elections”

For Threats to His Life, Lawyer in Resident Clause Lawsuit Withdraws Representation

Cllr. Cephas told the court about the alleged threats to his life and informed his clients that he can no longer continue to represent them in their case because of the threats he received. Cllr. Cephas has already filed a brief to the Supreme Court and the case is scheduled to be heard this morning. He informed his client he will not argue the case but will be in the court when the case is being heard by the court because he had already filed his brief.

“The withdrawal of Cllr. Cephas from the 10-year resident clause lawsuit won’t mean the shattering of the case because Presidential candidate, Simeon Freeman also filed similar suit and the Supreme Court will take up his case as later”.

General Thomas Quiwonkpa

On This Day, Where Were You?- Nov. 12, 1985

“We will not acheive the meaning of our purpose of this article if we fail to pay tribute to all our fallen beloved countrymen as the result of November 12, 1985 coup. We pay special tribute to an outstanding and very bright young Liberian journalist, Charles Gbeyon who was killed on this by the Doe government for doing nothing wrong but his noble responsibility, covering the events of the coup as they were unfolding but instead met his untimely death”.

Protestor being manhandled while Chief Just looks on

Chief Justice Johnny Lewis Ordered Force Against Protestors

“It is about time that the Legislature summon Chief Justice Lewise’s court call for questioning to put a break on what has become unprofessional and constant appetite to infringe upon the very laws they were appointed to preserve and interpreted. Chief Justice Lewise actions call into question the temperament of his court ability to respond and address the complexity, sophistication of the psychic of the Liberian nation, growth of intellect and the change the country and the world had experienced, completely different from the world the Chief Justice knew when he was learning and practising law. He’s needs to adopt to the change the new world order and the transformation and sophistication the country have undergone”.


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