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Liberia: Vice President Joseph Boakai Addresses Liberian Community in the U S A

“The Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai will this Saturday, June 22nd meet with fellow compatriots in the United States in a town hall meeting in the state of Pennsylvania. According to release, Vice President Boakai will meet with Liberians to discuss pertinent issues of national concern affecting their homeland. The meeting is expected to be held at the Christ Lutheran Community Church, Upper Darby on 720 Walnut Street, in Pennsylvania”.


Liberia: Diaspora Remittance Contributes Third of Country’s GDP to Economy, Second Highest in the World

“An astounding World Bank’s report of 2012 on global remittances, Liberians in the Diaspora out-beat per GDP other Africans living abroad by remitting $378 million in 2012, an increase of $18 million from 2011 $360 million remittance.

These remittances, according to World Bank’s report account for third of the country’s GDP, an indispensable fulcrum of Liberia’s economy while foreign aid contributes to less than half of the Diaspora remittance to the country’s GDP. These staggering remittances make Liberia the second highest recipient country of Diaspora remittances, coming second to Tajikstan and the highest in Africa”.

Liberia: President Sirleaf Accused of Mortgaging and Selling Off Her Country

“The Ellen Regime is continuing to mortgage and sell off the Country in a manner and form that benefit only she and her family and their cronies. THE SAME OLD LIBERIAN STORY CONTINUES, A NEW CHAPTER WITH NEW ACTORS UNFOLDS… BUT THE OLD THEME, SETTINGS AND PLOT REMAINS”.

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Liberian Dictator Charles Taylor Had U S Spy Ties

Allan White, a former Defense Department investigator who helped build the case against Taylor on behalf of the United Nations, said the news reinforced suspicions he had for years.

“I think the intelligence community’s past relationship with Taylor made some in the US government squeamish about a trial, despite knowing what a bad actor he was,’’ White said in an interview.


Liberia’s Referendum Defeated: All Propositions Fall Short of Two-Third Majority

“With 86% of the precincts reporting, leaving an outstanding of 14% precincts left and considering the insignificant amount of the votes left to make any game change in the result left and voting the voting patterns in the referendum, “The New Dispensation” after analyzing and crunching the data from the commission, pronounces and declares the referendum defeated, with none of the proposition passed”.

Prez Sirleaf First Financial Transaction as President, Ordered Finance Payout 30Yr Back-pay for Gov’t Building Rental

“It is believed that the President placed priority on the payout of the over 30 year payback to owners of government leased buildings, rest on her personal interest and that of her relatives and friends because one of the beneficiaries of the back-pay payout was Estrada Bernard, the husband of the President’s sister”.

“Would You Consider John Morlu, Auditor General of Liberia a Viable Alternative to President Sirleaf if He Ever Enter the Presidential Race in 2011?”

“Would You Consider John Morlu, Auditor General of Liberia a Viable Alternative to President Sirleaf if He Ever Enter the Presidential Race in 2011?”

Liberia is World’s Most Corrupt Country: 2010 TI Report Grades Liberia

“A German based organization which focuses on tracking counries involve in corruption has published its global corruption report for 2010 and grades Liberia s the world’s most corrupt country accounting 89% followed by Uganda and Cambodia with 86% and 84% respectively”.

General Thomas Quiwonkpa

On This Day, Where Were You?- Nov. 12, 1985

“We will not acheive the meaning of our purpose of this article if we fail to pay tribute to all our fallen beloved countrymen as the result of November 12, 1985 coup. We pay special tribute to an outstanding and very bright young Liberian journalist, Charles Gbeyon who was killed on this by the Doe government for doing nothing wrong but his noble responsibility, covering the events of the coup as they were unfolding but instead met his untimely death”.

Liberian Electorates at the in 2005

U S Midterm Election, what Lessons for Liberia?

Today Americans go to the polls to elect member of Congress, governors, local State Assemblies, and officials.  The midterm election has been characterized by anger, frustration, and the determination to send a message to those in power who failed to put the needs of their country above party bigotry and personal political preservation. But what can Liberia… Read More ›

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