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Liberia: Hundreds Denied Job Opportunity as Former Auditor General Blocked From Establishing Company

“The former Liberian Auditor General is forced to use Ghana as his main headquarters rather than his own country because of President Sirleaf’s covert tactic which our source says the former Auditor General believes is tantamount to jeopardizing, politicizing, and personalizing his professional work, the company, and his clients’ interest. It is unsettling, the verified source revealed that Mr. Morlu who had come to be an inspiration to this country and the African continent for his splendid and uncompromising fight to purge his country and the larger African continent of corruption, is sadden that the Ghanaian government and people will invitingly welcome him and accelerate the establishment of his company but unthinkably, his country would drive him away, depriving the suffering people of Liberia employment to better their lives”.


Charles Taylor is Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison

“The sentence is clearly excessive, clearly disproportionate to his circumstances, his age and his health and does not take into account the fact that he stepped down from office voluntarily,” Morris Anya disclosed, one of the lawyers representing the former Liberian leader”.


As Charles Taylor Faces 50 Years in Prison, Push for War Crimes Court for Liberia Heightens

” President Sirleaf should also be recommended for prosecution to the ICC for “aiding and abetting” them (warlords) during the war, saying “her financial contribution to the war could be US$10 million, because US$10,000 could not buy any gun and be your contribution towards somebody that you push in the war front to fight”


Former Liberian President and Ex-Rebel Leader Charles Taylor Found Guilty of War Crime

“While today’s conviction brings some measure of justice to the people of Sierra Leone, Taylor and the others sentenced by the Special Court are just the tip of the iceberg,” the group’s Brima Abdulai Sheriff said in a statement.

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