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For His Role in Liberia’s Destruction, Bai Gbala calls George Borley a Hero

Bai Gbala

Mr. Gbai Gbala, one of Liberia’s political gurus and elderly statesman is no strange name to Liberia politics. He had been on the Liberian political stage for a very long time dating back to the early formation of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, ULAA with his buddies progressives studying abroad at the time including Charles Taylor, G Baccus Matthews, and other young Liberians agitating for a political change in their homeland while abroad.

Mr. Gbala has surfaced this week in a  guest commentary on the Liberian Journal addressing Mr. Kirkpatrick Weah, who posted an article,” Dr.  George Borley Notorous  LPC” on a Liberian   internet service going after President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for promising the people of Grand Gedeh County that she would do her best to see what she can do to get Dr. George Borley released from prison in the United States. Mr. Borley was arrested by the Federal government and is in jail for immigration violation and his role leading a rebel group during the Liberian crisis involve in crime against humanity and war crime.
In Mr Gbala defense of Borley role as leader of the infamous Liberia Peace Council, LPC countering Mr. Kirkpatrick Weah referencing Dr. Borley LPC activities in his county, River Gee that group carried on vicious atrocities in his county and killed several unarmed members of his area.
In Mr. Gbala response, he justified Dr. Borley role and his LPC  activities as a necessary defense mechanism which protected his kinsmen of Grand Gedeh who were targeted to be  exterminated from the face of the earth by the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, NPFL and the Independent National Patriotic Front, INPFL.  Mr. Gbala also in his response  says he believes Mr. Kirkpatrick Weah and others are mounting a calculated  international effort to see people from his county of origin who took up arms during the civil war to be  prosecuted. The respectable elderly statesman says Dr. Borley is not a rebel nor a warlord but one who took up arms to defend his ethnic group as well as the Mandingo ethnic group.
In Mr. Gbala article he insist that Liberia is where it is today because of the role George Borley and his LPC resistance brought about the peace and  stability the country is enjoying today and for these many reasons Dr. George Borley is a hero and not the warlord or rebel he is being regarded to be.
But Mr. Gbala did not address Mr. Krikpatrick Weah’s  atrocities accusations against Dr. George Borley and his LPC for killing citizens of River Gee as Mr. Weah has charged. Another puzzling piece is how does Mr. Gbala reconcile his hero, George Borley and LPC in defending his people by his term that the LPC and George Borley could reign atrocities killing unarmed citizens of River Gee County as Mr. Weah has accused. And in fact how could this elderly and respectable statesman come on the record to justify atrocities committed by any side or warring groups against his fellow countrymen under the disguise of defending one sector or groups of a county but just fine to kill and inflict destruction against another sector or a fellow countrymen from another part of the country other than his.
Mr. Gbala’s article is very provocative and counterproductive at this very time considering the fragile unfortunate prevailing development in Loffa because the article has too many codes embedded to rally and  provoke future trouble. It is just disappointing that Mr. Gbala would use his high-profile to write unspeakable article justifying atrocities and destruction and calling Mr. Borley a “hero”.
No Liberian, especially a prominent Liberian like Mr. Gbala should justify the killings of unarmed fellow countrymen and destruction of the country in the name of defending a tribe or tribes.
Mr. Gbala, though  Mr. Borley hails from your county of origin, but first and foremost, George Borley hails from Liberia first before Grand Gedeh County and is a Liberian first, your posting is troubling and has created a dent in your long earned prestige you earned yourself over the years. Very shameful that Mr. Gbala you would call a fellow countryman who participated in the destruction of his own country, a hero.
Bai Gbala came to prominence in Liberia when the True Whig Party government under the stewardship of President William R. Tolbert Jr. was assassinated in 1980 and his government overthrown bringing a military government of  Master Sargeant Samuel Kanyon Doe to power. Bai Gbala and his progressives friends joined the military government. For Mr. Gbala he was at an advantageous position, he was one of the prominent educated men among his progressive friends who happened to come from the same county of  Head of State, Samuel K. Doe  and had the opportunity to guide the young  inexperienced and uneducated Master Sargeant but instead Mr. Gbala failed to play that role and sat there  see President Doe willfully drive to his early death.
J.K-K. Peah

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  1. Can this article be published in Liberia? Send it to Philip Wesseh. This article needs to be published ASAP in Liberia.


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