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Deputy Speaker Attempted Murder and Run with the Law: Reason for Impeachment

Just exactly two weeks after this entity published a story that the Deputy Speaker of the Liberia National Legislature, Representative Tokpah Mulbah  was accused by a potential  candidate seeking to oust him out  as Representative of the 5th District in Bong County of  offering $US30,000.00 to bribe him from contesting the election in 2011, when  contacted to confirm the allegation levied against him, Hon Mulbah said he could never do such a thing because he knew it was against the law.   

Deputy Speaker Tokpah Mulbah

Well, if Deputy Speaker Mulbah knew that offering a bribe to a potential candidate seeking to oust him out from his seat to bribe him out of the race was against the law and he could not do such a thing as he asserted, it is  a twist to see a lawmaker who professed to believe in the rule of law interfere with the enforcement of the law and ordering  and taking part in assaulting a law enforcement officer subsequently leading to that officer hanging to his life now  in critical condition at the J F K Hospital. 

Lexington Beh,  according to details available  met his unfortunate ordeal in the hands of Deputy Speaker for only doing his duty as a law enforcement officer-enforcing the law  he was employed to enforce by arresting a truck belonging to the Deputy Speaker  at Zone 8 Police Check Point in Paynesville on the ELWA-Robertsfield Highway which was in violation of the law. The Deputy Speaker believes by his portfolio, he can live above the law and his truck should roam the streets of Liberia in violation of the law threatening public safety.   

The Deputy Speaker’s action to interfere with law enforcement by ordering  Patrolman Beh  via phone after been contacted by  his driver to release his truck though it was in violation of the law and his  appearance on the scene with thugs to enforce his order is abuse of his power, disregard for the rule of law, assault on a police officer, and for the near death condition the patrolman  is now in adds up the Deputy Speaker’s action to attempted murder.   

Contrary to violating the rule of law and an attempted murder against a police officer and a Liberian citizen, the Deputy Speaker and unfortunately some misguided Liberians and partisans from his party, the Congress for Democratic Change, (CDC), the leading opposition party in the country are falsely hiding behind the veil of the very rule of law the Deputy Speaker abused, invoking immunity clause lawmakers enjoy from arrest and prosecution for their actions, works, thoughts and believes in the execution of their duty as lawmakers.   

Unfortunately, there is no clause in the constitution and laws of Liberia which guarantees protection of a lawmaker, public official including the President or citizens from prosecution if they choose to breach the peace, commit felony, or treason. The Deputy Speaker’s action was no way in concurrence with conducting a legislative business for which he can not be  pursued for  his actions, believes, or perception  but  he has chosen to violate the oath of his office though he swore to defend and protect the constitution and laws of Liberia.  Hon. Mulbah bluntly and consciously chose to undermine the rule of law by taking the law into his own hands unleashing lawlessness and committing felony and breaching the peace. These actions on the part of the Deputy Speaker are tantamount to impeachment and more importantly, Hon Mulbah can not continue to remain  Deputy Speaker of the noble Legislature after he consciously committed  felony and attempted murder.  

Patrolman Lexington Beh hanging to life at J F Kennedy Hospital

The disappointing tale to go down in memory is the irresponsible and reckless manner in which the Deputy Secretary General of the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC  Acarous Gray handled the debacle of the Liberia National Police attempted arrest of Deputy Speaker Mulbah over the weekend  by camping arround his residence when he refused to submit to arrest, invoking legislative immunity. The CDC Deputy Secretary General didn’t demonstrate leadership and wisdom but allowed party allegiance and politics to take precedence over the rule of law,  life and safety   of Patrolman Beh all because Hon. Mulbah is from the CDC. No matter what the circumstances were surrounding the incidence with Hon. Mulbah and patrolman Beh, Mr. Gray should had allowed the rule of law to take its course first before publicly embarrassing his party by using the radio station owned by his party  presidential aspirant, Ambassador George Weah to direct partisans of the CDC to amass at the residence of Deputy Speaker Mulbah where police were encamped to enforce the law failing to calculate the inherent danger his action could pose at the already arid and complicated situation and the collective security and peace of the country not to mention the very safety of his partisans who he called on to move on the grounds of Hon Mulbah’s residence.  

The CDC Deputy Secretary General’s action begs the reasoning as to whether he was in fact in concert with his party’s core belief as an institution which stands for the common people they articulate from time to time as patrolman  Beh is just a common man doing his job and if at all he went wrong as an institution which professes to adhere to the rule of law, they should had allowed the very rule of law they profess to believe in to take its course and not to further insinuate and complicate the tensed and fragile situation. Unfortunately it  took 72 hours for the party to figure out a responsible reaction to  counter Gray’s  actions to do damage control after the Deputy Secretary General had already drove the party into the ditch.  

This cultural impulse of disconnects, mix messages, and uncoordinated reactions when the CDC reacts to serious issues and scandals brings in focus the puzzle “who is in charge at the CDC?” Is every official a lord unto himself and can independently without consultation, coordination, and input of the party as an institution act or direct events in the party and when the damage is  already done  before the party as an institution scrambles to maneuver  it from the pigeon hole? 

Hon Mulbah is not above the law and can’t invoke  legislative immunity because his action is criminal and promotes lawlessness, acts which do not enjoy legislative and constitutional immunity.  Hon Mulbah  has lost the credibility to lead as Deputy Speaker as such, he  must submit his resignation or the House must impeach him swiftly. 

The new Liberia we envisage is a country where the power that be is not drunk with power as drunken sailors and abuse their power by injuring  any citizen, group, or foreign nationals within our borders. It is a country where no one lives above the law including the President and public officials but on the contrary, if anyone chooses to violate the law, he or she and  must face the full weight of the law. And Representative Tokpah Mulbah is no exception, he must face the full weight of his actions and that begins immediately  by tendering his resignation as Deputy Speaker and if he can not save himself the self-pride by quietly handing in his resignation, that honorable body must impeach him swiftly to save the country the embarrassment.


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  1. Is Liberia a Lawlwss Country?
    After reading all the major news papers in mama Liberia this morning it sadden my heart to know that the deputy speaker, a law maker, Mulbah Tokpah will give command to his men to beat a sworn police officer almost to death.Last week I read in one of the Liberian news paper that a so called musicain “Friday the cell phone man” also gave command to his men to beat a taxi driver called Sekou Fofana.
    The critical questions that come to my mind are as follows:Is Liberia a Lawless country? What is the working of Law-Enforcement in mama Liberia?Does the citizen in Liberia understand the laws and functions of the police?Is the deputy speaker armed with any law-enforcement authority to use force against the police officer? Is the CDC a lawless political party? Who is the official spoke man of the CDC? Should the deputy speaker be charge with a crime?
    I will in a few minutes give the reading public the answers of the seven questions above from a Law-Enfrocement stand point since Criminal Justic and Law-Enforcement is my background and also give you some Legal arguments to support my comments.First I will began with the act of lawlessnes. Just because Mulbah Tokpah is a deputy speaker don,t mean that he should not abide by the laws govering the republic of Liberia and should disobeyed the laws.I was fortunate to be the only black on may 14, 2010 to graduate from the police training and the Law-enforcement department at the North hennepin community college located Brookly Park minnesota.During my police training at the Center for Criminal Justice and Law-Enforcement I was told that no one is above the laws of the United States of America.Therefore if I am doing a traffic stop and stop the governor of minnesota Car and realized that the governor of Minnesota is drunk it is my legal right if I am a sowrn police officer to stop the governor ,detain, or arrest him for drunk driving ,because my failure to stop the governor could post a risk to the public.The governor because he is drunk could killed someone.In Similar regard I think officer Lexington Bah of the Liberian National police had the Legal rights as a sworn police officer to stop the deputy speaker Mulbah Tokpah car or even impound the car.Even thouugh he is the deputy speaker but he is subject to the Liberian Laws.The second question I would like to address is the working of Law-enforcment in Liberia.The only person who have the constitutional right or rights to use force in the area of Law-enforcement is a sworn police officer and according to minnesota statutes 609.066 which is similar to that of the liberian statutes.The Use of force statutes, which is only justifable under three conditions 1 . To protect the peace officer or another from death or great bodily harm.2.To effect an arrest or capture or to prevent the escape of a person whom the peace officer believe or have reasonable ground to believe has committed or attempted to commit a felony.Involving the threatening used of deadly force.3.To effect an arrest ,or capture or to prevent the escape of a person whom the peace officer know or have reasonable ground to believe have committed or attempted to commit a felony,Whom the peace officer reasonably believe will cause death or great bodily harm if that person apprehension is delayed.Deputy speaker Mulbah Tokpah can not justified the use of force against officer Lexington Beh under Minnesota Status 609.066 the use of force which is similar to the criminal laws of Liberia because he is not justified to do so.Three the function of Law-enforcement is to protect the peace in mama Liberia .Officer LEXINGTON BEH was protecting the peace by not allowing the deputy speaker Mulbah Tokpah vehical to continue on the streets of MONROVIA because it was in violation of basic traffic rules.Four should the deputy speaker be charge with a crime for ordering his men to beat a sworn police officer.According to the training I received from the police school I would say yes, because the laws of the united states is similar to that of mama Liberia.The deputy speaker should be charged with assault in the Four degree minnesota statutes 609.2231 which states that whoever physically assaults a peace officer Licensed under section 626.845 ,subdivision 1,when that officer is effecting a lawful arrest or executing any other duty imposed by law is guilty of a gross misdemeanor and may be sentenced to imprisoment for not more than one year or payment of a fine of not more than $3,000, or both. If the assault inflicts demonstrable bodily harm or the person .Intentionally throws or otherwise transfers bodily fluids or feces at or onto the officer,the person is guilty of a felony and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than three years or to a payment of a fine of not more than $6,000,or both.If the laws of minnesota is similar to that of Mama Liberia criminal laws than I can conclude that the deputy speaker Mulbah Tokpah may face up to three years in prison since officer Lexington Beh is not yet dead .God for bid if officer Lexington Beh die speaker Tokpah sentence will be increase.Question number four who is the official spoke man of the CDC? George Weah,Acarous Gray or the party chairman.I am asking this question today because a lot of people in the party are speaking on behalf of the CDC.
    I will end this comment by a world of advise for the youth of Liberia. Even though the Ellen government allows a high degree of freedom of speech do not make statement or statements that will degrade the peace process in mama Liberia.If some member of the CDC will order their partism to take the street that is underminding the peace and security our people are enjoying today. Long live the republic of Liberia and may justice prevail for Lexington Beh

    Dashward A. Wumah
    Degree Criminal Justic
    Degree Law-Enforcement
    Certificate English
    Home Phone number 612-353-6875


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