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UP/Pres. Sirleaf Secret Game Plan for 2011 Uncovered

The Unity  Party and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf are on the cruise, sailing on the weak and vulnerable opposition parties who have not made their case as  best alternative to the ruling unity party and why they should be voted into power in 2011 elections.

President Sirleaf and the ruling Unity Party sensed the weakness of the opposition and believe  it will remain that way,  not letting such an opportunity slip by easily,  concluding it’s impossible for the opposition to retool their acts and turn the events in their favor considering the time and  how late in the game it is for them as election is just  a year and two months away.

With this confidence, the Unity Party and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf are leaving no stone unturned, consolidating their strength by reigning in other groups, opposition parties, and political asserts into the Unity Party family and the government.

According to classified information at our disposal coming from within the nerve of the Unity Party, the party is yet making another bold move,  a game plan squared on courting the legendary United Peoples Party (UPP) of the late G. Baccus Matthews to join in alliance with the Unity Party in 2011 elections.

The game plan reveals Defense  Minister  Brownie J.  Samukai, a stanched UPP pillar is being tapped as Vice Presidential candidate to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in the 2011 elections. To ensure this deal is sealed very quickly, Liberia Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Ambassador Wesley Johnson, a founding member and one of the respected and outstanding partisans of the United Peoples Party is on his way soon to the United States to meet with top-notches of his party to talk them into accepting the Unity Party’s deal.

Defense Minister Brownie J Samukai

Ambassador Johnson’s pilgrim to the United States is predicated on the concern by the Unity Party that the UPP diaspora partisans could not buy into the deal on grounds that many are sympathetic to other opposition parties and the cause of their party and some of the strong voices of the UPP are already on the record supporting other candidates and opposition parties. One of  such top-notch UPP diaspora partisans Ambassador Wesley Johnson is to court in the on his United States trip, is Hon. J. Wlehtee Hne who recently joined the leadership of the CDC-USA (Congress for Democratic Change), the leading opposition party in Liberia and the political action committee of UPP ( UPP-PACO,USA)

The UP game plan goes further to unpack its purpose, detailing President Sirleaf’s desire to stay in her home country Liberia and  that she won’t have the cause to run into exile again as she did for many years for fear of prosecution from previous governments. The game plan  unfolds the scenario that if Defense Minister  Brownie  J.  Samukai becomes Vice President to President Sirleaf after 2011 elections, she will be comfortable that her desire to stay in her home country without fear of prosecution  or running away will be settled.

With that assurance of Minisiter Samukai becoming Vice President, President Sirleaf will then resign in her third year of her second term and hand over power to Minister Samukai. When Minister Samukai becomes President, in commitment to the final package of the game plan, Cllr. Varney Sherman, Chairman of Unity Party will then be tapped as Vice President.

Sources within the nerve of UP and the government who we corroborated this information with say this deal is a done deal and it was within the game plan Cllr. Varney Sherman was pushed to the Chairmanship of the Unity Party and the only thing which could ruin this game plan is if the UPP doesn’t buy into it and secondly, Minister Samukai himself  opt  out if he chooses to follow his party even if the President still goes ahead to tap him as her running mate despite his party refusal to join in alliance with her party.




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  1. I think the information of your posting is not correct in any way shape or form. It would appeared that you want things to go that way, but you are not even close. I do also have my own ideas as to how things might formulate up to 2011 but, there is no guarantee so I’m keep this information to myself for now.

    Thank you!



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