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TRC Report Resurfaces, Public Demands Full Implementation

President   Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her government are coming under pressure from the Liberian public to fully  implement  the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) released last December. 

A fresh and surprise vigor is unfolding in Liberia with the public demanding the TRC final report be implemented. According to information coming out of Liberia, the call for the TRC final report implementation  is widespread in the country so much so  that it is reminiscent on school campuses, public gatherings, markets,  homes, and down among  typical ordinary citizens. 


One ordinary Liberian who normally don’t know what politics is,  told our reporter it is surprising to  see the extend to which the call for the full implementation of the TRC report has exploded with such intensity and passion when everybody had thought it had gone away and the document was dead after the President  declared her intention  in January to run for second term though  she is among thirty other Liberians who are banned  for the 30 years by the TRC from holding public office for her role in the Liberian civil war. 

TRC Report is a document compiled by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a body enacted into law to investigate the the wrong doings of the Liberian civil war and  political instabilities  from 1979 to 2003 and make recommendations for a way forward but  ensure  violators of human rights, crime against humanity, international humanitarian laws,  children, and the Geneva  Convention are  recommended for accountability  for their crimes. 

In its recommendations contained in the final  TRC report released last December, several recommendations were 

TRC Final Report

made including among other things the banning of thirty (30) Liberians from holding public office for 30 years for their role in the civil war and  political instabilities with President Sirleaf  among those Liberians banned from holding public office for their role in Liberia civil war and political instabilities over 14 years. 

The renew call for the full implementation of the TRC final report  could  have come to spotlight and exploded on the Liberian political horizon taking up unexpected steam from President Sirleaf last Thursday radio talk show. Liberians called in to the talk show and voiced out their frustrations and concerns over several contentious issues including  the $16 billion Chevron oil deal which they believe is not in the interest of the country but mortgaging the country’s future.  Other issues included prostitution in the country and the way the press reports  on it and corruption in government.   It brought into focus  a FrontpageAfrice  recent headline about prostitution in the country which they found offensive to  Liberian womanhood and the image of the country. 

It seems to be a coincidence with the latest outcry of public support and demand for the full implementation of the TRC recommendations as they radiate on the public radar, a former Commissioner of the TRC , Massa Washington will on this Friday appear on a Liberian diaspora  community  prestigious telepublic forum, “Liberia Speaks “where she will discuss the stalled final report of the TRC. 

President Sirleaf  is presently in the United States attending  the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly and will return home to meet a different challenge to face and an energized and compassionate public demanding she  and her goverment fully implement the TRC report in full. If this public  lives with its insistence and demand, the President political future could hang in the balance, knowing she too is banned from holding public office for 30 years though she has aready  announced her run for second term in 2011.


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  1. I oppose a full implementation of this report because it is imcomplete and did not take into consideration the complicency or connivance of the governments of Tigan Kaba and Conteh that resulted to the masacre of Liberians in Bomi Hill Market in August 1992 and other places in Liberia by Liberian forces formed, trained and aided in and from those countries.

    Are we saying there is no problem when foreigners kill and or aid directly or indirectly in killing Liberians? Are we saying when Taylor help forces fighting in /sirra Leone is a crime but when Kaba helped Ulimo and other forces that killed Liberians no crime against humanity is committed? Is TRC saying lives of Liberians killed by Sierra Leonean aided forces are less impotant than those killed by local forces?

    Why did TRC not attempt to interview Tigan Kaba and Conteh about their involvement and the involvement of their citizens in our civil conflict? Justice is not fully done to and for LIberians when Liberians in authority can hand over their citizens to be tried for their acts in foreign land but are afraid to have foreigners committing austrcity against Liberians go free with impunity.



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