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ECOWAS Lights Up Rural Liberia

Eighteen (18) communities in rural  Liberia will soon see their cities and towns light up very soon for the first time in a long time since the outbreak of the ended 14 year cIvil war with the coming into operation  of the Cross-Border  Electricity  Supply project of ECOWAS  from  Prollo, Cote d’Ivoire through its specialized organization, West African Power Pool (WAPP). 

Courtesy: West African Power Pool


The project is divided into three  (3) lots for the supply and installation works. Lot 1, Maryland County, Lot 2, Nimba County and Lot 3, Grand Gedeh County. 

The Maryland County Lot  electrification will include Pleebo City, Fish Town, Fish Town City, Rock Town, Harper City, Cavalla, Cavalla Rubber, Graway, and Kablaken with metering point at Poste Frontiere de Prollo, Cote d’Ivoire.  Nimba County Lot will link through the Danena Line with metering point at Gbeunta and Poste Frontiere de Prollo to service Logotuor, Saclepea, Duoplay, Kanplay, Ganta, and Sanniquellie. 

Grand Gedeh County Lot metering point will be at Frontiere Pekan Barrage to connect Toe Town, Blodiala, Zleh Town, Tepeta and Zwedru City. 

 The Cross-Border  Electricity Supply project is an initiative of the Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS) implemented through its specialized organization, the West African Power Pool (WAPP) established  January 12, 2006  after the signing of the article of agreement  at its 29th Summit of Heads of State and Government of member states in Niamey, Niger in follow up to that West African regional body decision reached at the 22nd Summit of Heads of State and Government of 1999 in Benin after preliminary work of a Steering committee appointed by that body. 

The Cross Border Electricity Supply project is one the many ways in which ECOWAS initiative light up the entire region embedded in  the regional body Benin agreement with the vision as follows as inserted below: 

“The vision of WAPP Organization is to integrate the national power system operations into a unified regional electricity market – with the expectation that such mechanism would, over the medium to long-term, assure the citizens of ECOWAS Member States a stable and reliable electricity supply at affordable costs. This will create a level playing field facilitating the balanced development of diverse energy resources of ECOWAS Member States for their collective economic benefit, through long-term energy sector coöperation, unimpeded energy transit and increasing cross-border electricity trade”. This is an excerpts  from the ECOWAS  in 1999 . 

ECOWAS is an international public organization of 15 West African nations. 

This latest ECOWAS initiative is again another creative and outstanding project to add on the many progressive programs and institutions of the African regional since its formation in the mid seventies. Some of the outstanding institutions and programs initiated are the ECOWAS Brown Book, a regional pass-book for travel through out the region by member state citizens, ECOBank, a regional financial institution, ECOMOG, a regional military peace-keeping group involve in peace-keeping in the region which brought peace to Liberia, Sierra Leone and presently keeping the peace in the Ivory Coast. Funding of the cross-border electrification project is provided by the European Development Fund.


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    your Topics is excellent
    I learn a lot in your website really thanks very much
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  2. It is better late than never. This is an extremely very good news for us in the Eastern Region of Liberia especially Maryland County. Some of our children do not know what an electrify city looks like. The last time we had electricity in Maryland County was the mid seventy. We had to adjust to the reality of doing school work in the dark or by candle light. I hope bringing back the water system will be the next move by the government. Safe and clean water is the priority of any government. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and by God’s help Liberia will be back on track or even better than before the senseless war.


  3. It has taken 12 years for the paper work to be completed. I wonder how long will it take for the first light bulb to be switched on.

    The news is great, though. With our wealth, this is long, long overdue.

    Cooper Kweme


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