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Ex-Nigeria Militant Leader Arrested for Abuja Bombings

Police in South Africa arrested the ex-militant leader, Henry Okah of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) for the two car bombs that rattled Abuja, the country’s capital last Friday on its 50th anniversary of the independence.

Henry Okah, Ex-MEND Leader

Okah’ lawyer Ulrich Roux said his client was arrested on Saturday in connection for the Friday bombings which the Movement for the Emancipation of Nigeria Delta (MEND) which claimed responsibility for the bombings. According to Mr. Roux Mr. Okah insist he has nothing to do with the bombings which at least 12 people

Roux said Mr. Okah was arrested by the South African authorities and jailed under South African counter terrorism legislation, but has not been charged. He is expected appear in court for a preliminary hearing today.

MEND is a militant movement in Nigeria fighting for the fair distribution of the oil wealth coming out of the Delta region of the country. Residents of the region say they are yet  to enjoy the fruits  of oil wealth the region  produces.

Authorities in Nigeria say the bombings were carried out according to email statement from the office of the Nigerian leader made at a dinner in Lagos; “it is a small terrorist group that resides outside Nigeria that was paid by some people within to perpetrate the dastardly act. We are on their trail,” the president said at a dinner in Lagos.

Photo: Courtesy of AP


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