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Lawmakers Bought By Unity Party Almighty $Dollar…… Says CDC Legislative Caucus Chair

The Chairman of  the Legislative Caucus of Liberia’s leading opposition political party, the  Congress for Democrat Change, (CDC), in the National Legislature of Liberia,  Representative Rufus Neufville accused President  Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  of using money to lure and  buy opposition lawmakers to drift over to the Unity Party.

Representative  Neufville  said when the 52nd Legislature convened in 2006, the Unity Party of President Sirleaf had only 9 lawmakers and the CDC had about 18 lawmakers but the lawmaker said,  very sadly, regrettably, and disappointingly the President used money to buy over opposition lawmakers to the Unity Party. The CDC lawmaker said today, the Unity Party bad politics have paid off, it has increased its strength from 9 lawmakers  to 44 lawmakers.

The CDC Legislative Caucus Chairman made the allegation against the Liberian President two Saturdays ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States shortly after inducting into office the leadership of  CDC-USA, the United States chapter of his party, the Congress for Democratic Change of football icon George Weah.

Representative Neufville told the gathering that the Unity Party has taken over everything in the House, emphasizing  as the result of the President bad politics, laws and concession agreements are concluded at the Unity Party Headquarters and brought down to the Legislature forcing  them down the throats of the minority lawmakers and  passed “like hot  knife passing through butter” .

Hon. Neufville said “it is unfortunate that opposition lawmakers would go to the House and be swallowed by the ruling Unity Party. He said it is bad politics.

Click below for full audio of Hon Neufville’s speech.


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