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U S Midterm Election, what Lessons for Liberia?

Today Americans go to the polls to elect member of Congress, governors, local State Assemblies, and officials.  The midterm election has been characterized by anger, frustration, and the determination to send a message to those in power who failed to put the needs of their country above party bigotry and personal political preservation.

But what can Liberia learn from the United States midterm  election as the country prepares to go to the polls next October, especially the strategists and supporters of political parties and candidates.

Liberian Electorates at the polls in 2005

From our prospective, what Liberia can learn from the US midterm election is will and tenacity of the American electorates who recognized the value of the votes and the power of their vote to hold their public officials accountable for the public trust they were elected to steer. Another issues worth  noting is the unaccepting attitude of Americans not to sit idly complacent and allow their public officials pamper their personal interest and misuse their power at the detriment of the country and still reward them to continue their selfish agenda.

The American electorates nominal or in most instance non-existence on the skill of the size of what the American public officials are being held accountable by African standard, they in no way manufacture synthetic excuses for their public officials  actions or allow themselves to be  enticed by the wealth or money of the candidates. The American electorate put first the need of their country and wellbeing of  themselves and their children’s children.

 Liberians must recognize the power  and value of their votes and how it can bring to check their public officials who do not have integrity for themselves because if they did, they would be shamed and embarrassed to seek public offices considering the heinous crimes  and ethical mishaps they have subjected the country to, ranging from plunging the country into war and to present, the unabated culture of corruption and impunity. These Liberian public officials, their parties, and supporters  don’t have the moral decency and nationalism to excuse the scene to allow their country a fresh air to relive again to move into the future with hope and new  flavor of purpose, one in which Liberians will build up each other and not the old politics of the past which put Liberians against each other under the precepts that their goal was nationalistic and when they were or are given the opportunity to sit at control where earlier administrations stood and take charge, they proved their true intent, that are or were more corrupt and destructive than the administrations they washed their mouths on.

In 2011, the Liberian electorates must hold their public officials accountable, most of whom do not deserved being in public office in the first place because of their criminal past and ethical standing. Liberians must send a clear message in 2011 that blood and corrupt money can not  buy vote nor can anyone Liberia n feel they are more Liberian than the other and can live above the rule of law because they can misuse the power of the public trust but only the ordinary Liberians are the ones who must live by the law and if he or she mistakenly or intentional breaches the law they pay for their actions but public officials escape with impunity even if they are prohibited by law and our administrative public structures.

Liberians must send  message  too in 2011 as Americans do today at the polls by holding accountable all candidates who would have the nerve to come before the Liberian electorates with their dirty , corrupt, and blood money asking to be sent or re-sent  to steer the affairs of  the country to continue their  corruption  and criminality.

In 2011, if corrupt and criminal-minded officials ask for your vote for six more years, ask them for what? six more years of corruption? AND THAN SAY, SIX MORE YEARS?  WE NA STUPID!  Eat their money. It’s your money. Don’t vote for them. And this is the lesson Liberians need to learn from the United States midterm election.


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