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On Merger Deal, CDC Given 72 Hours Ultimatum Or Else!

Just barely 24 hours after the Executive Committee of  Liberia  opposition party, the  Congress for Democratic Change, CDC announced that the  entire grassroot of the party has finally bought into the  Liberty-CDC Merger with the Deputy Secretary General of the party, Acarus Gray finally carving into supporting the merger , an instant and radical three hundred and sixty degrees  turn from his stance since the merger, including his last Thursday publication in the FrontpageAfrica  in which he vowed to defend the interest of the grassroot of the party to his intellectual death for what he described  as the merger did not represent the aspiration of CDC partisans, another hurdle is confronting the CDC-Liberty Party Merger with Mr. Mulbah K.  Morlu, senior executive of the party and an iconic campaigner for War Crime Tribunal, has issued a 72 hour ultimatum to  Executive of the CDC and the Party to withdraw and trash the merger. 

Mulbah K. Morlu

Mr. Morlu says failure for the party to withdraw and trash the merger within 72 hours, will leave him with no option but  to seek redress at the Supreme Court. Mr. Morlu says the purported merger between the CDC and Liberty Party is in contravention with the constitution of the party. The CDC Executive narrating his stance insist, the party constitution is explicit on the modalities of forming a merger which provides for the entire party to  be consulted before any merger is formed, something which the merger with the Liberty Party falls short of.

The merger between with Liberty Party and Liberia’s leading opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change has bruised the party, created tensions, distrust,  infighting, and factions. For almost a month now since the merger was signed and made official at the party  United States chapter convention last October, the Deputy Secretary General of the party, Acarus Gray  and  Chairman, Geraldine Doe-Sherif on one side claimed  to be in the interest of the grassroot arm of the party had said the merger signed with the Liberty Party was invalid because it  did not have the input of the party nor was the party consulted but a merger agreement just signed by the Secretary General of the party, Eugene Nagbe and its leader, Ambassador George Weah in violation of the party’s constitution.

There has been accusations and counter accusations of money changing hands among some executives of the party  as bribe from the Liberty party to secure the merger.  The party leader, Amb. George Weah has also come under sharp criticism for his leadership failure to consult the party before the merger. The soccer legend turned politician  is also accused of not being reliable and inconsistent for signing several agreements with other opposition political parties but would abruptly  reneged on the agreements including the Accra Agreement with Winston Tubman, the Democratic Alliance, and now the Liberty Party merger which has come to  be so toxic.

The sudden turn around by the Deputy Secretary Secretary of the party, Acarus Gray to support the merger, after long and sometimes  what seemed unshakable stance to ensure  the Liberty-CDC party merger would not survive, has come as a surprise to pundits and the public  and raises the suspicion for his motive to stand against the merger on principles but without any justifiable change in the principles on which he stood,  that he could finally carve in to those principles.

Mr.  Gray latest turn around in support of  merger against the principles on which he stood without a change  in those very principles on which he stood gives enough need for justification of his latest change of mind and  the true character of  his principles. Observers believe the CDC Deputy Secretary General sudden change of mind is predicated on threat to expel him from the party and expose him for his hypocritical stance against  the merger after he had already take money from the Liberty Party. Others say the CDC tough talking executive after all, did not go against the merger on principles but took the tough road to get an impressive accommodation of the lion share of the purported  deal the Liberty Party offered the CDC to seal the merger. In essence, our interviewees said,  it was just a money making stunt

A Liberian interviewed this evening by this outlet in Monrovia says the Congress for Democratic Change, the largest opposition party in the country is falling from grace in an exponential proportion something which he could not had anticipated few years ago. “George Weah is becoming so irrelevant in politics today and I do not see him and his party winning the election in 2011, our interviewees said.” The people have lost trust in George Weah, they have come to realize he can not manage Liberia, he has proven unreliable and untrustworthy to lead our country because he could sell the country before we know it”, our interviewees said. 

Observers say looking at how corrupt President Sirleaf’s government is and the  failure of her administration, the country is confused and does not see any viable option to the present government compounded by how disappointing the opposition has proven themselves; we really do not know any option in 2011 election.  We hope a viable alternative could evolve on the horizon to replace the present corrupt government and the failed opposition and “not viable alternative” presidential candidates known presently on the political scene.


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