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Mass Ivorian Refugees Flee into Liberia After Controversial Election

Reports filed by our correspondent in Monrovia confirmed that mass Ivorian refugees are crossing the border into Liberia. According to refugees entering into Liberia,  say they are fleeing the Ivory Coast into Liberia for safety fearing fighting could resume in their country after a dramatic shift in the election result which declared  Alassane Quattara  yesterday of winning the election with 54% of the votes to become the next President but to their surprise, the Constitutional Council of Cote d’Voire the declared the incumbent Present Laurent Gbagbo the winner of the election with 51% of the votes cast.

The refugees say the situation in their country is very tensed and expect it to boil over considering the belligerence of both sides and don’t see how a compromise will be reached between both Gbagbo and Quattara and the tension in the country with supporters of both sides in confrontation mode.

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Click for Ivory Coast election result

Early today the Vice President of the Ivory Coast was seen television taking the paper of the result of the election as soon it was to be announced  by the Election Commission and destroyed it. The French Ambassador who was at the announcement ceremonies, to the Commission to go ahead and announced the result.

Unfortunately the United States has already congratulated Alassane Quattara yesterday for winning the Ivorian election but only to see that the result yester  contradicts the one of today which reversed and the incumbent President declared the winner.

The United nations has refused the result and urge the incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo to respect the result of yester which declared Quattara the winner .

The unfolding fluid situation put the United States in a very uncomfortable with no moral leverage, especially when it has already congratulated Quattara and the re-living  the Bush-Gore 2000 election fiasco. The Ivory Coast situation is just complete replica of the United States 2000 election whose controversies of similar magnitude reached as far as the United States Supreme Court  where it was settled and George Bush was declared the winner by a 5 to 4 votes by that high court 9 justices with Justice Clarence Thomas casting the deciding votes that made George President of United States.


Click link ,Ivory Coast election results

As Ivory Coast go through this yet another unfortunate dark period in their sojourn, the United Nations  and other countries should be very cautious not to see the situation overblown into what the refugees fear and fleeing their country. The United States went through similar situation in 2000 with the Bush-Gore hanging chard in Florida and history and the American what embarrassment it brought to their reputation as moral guarantor of democracy. But in that very intense situation and period, the United Nations and international community did not come out to reject the result which overturned the previous which declared Al Gore President before the American people went to bed election night but woke up to a different news the next morning that in fact it was George Bush who won the election and not Al Gore. 

Americans patiently and intelligently navigated the fracas and when the Supreme Court declared George Bush the President, despite the narrow decision of the court, and the moral mandate to undermine the court’s decision Al Gore chose what to put his country first and live by the court’s decision and the United States was spared an obvious no one would postulated had he chosen the otherwise.

If by what the Constitutional Council has said it nullified 400,000 votes from the northern part of the country, Alassane Quattara stronghold was the springboard that pushed Laurent Gbagbo over the top and reversed the result, retrospective on the United States 2000 elections, it is only prudent that all sides exert all legal option, where evidence will be submitted in court including I believe independent observers and institutions will also submit their observation into evidence to guide the court in reaching a decision.

It shouldn’t be Africa that an election replica of the United States election of 2000 has taken place in the Ivory Coast that the United Nations will not look into the issues which led to the reversion of the result in favor of Laurent Gbagob  that they will prematurely and without respect for the sovereignty of the Ivory Coast and its institutions that it can  not demand that Laurent Gbagbo   accepts t and respects the result of the elections without investigating the alleged irregularities  which put Gbagbo over the top.

The action of the United Nations is unfortunate and could inflame the already volatile situation, a mistake which could send a moral justification for both sides  plunging their country into another turmoil.

For Laurent Gbagbo, if it is the case as the independent election commission is calims is true, the President must take the moral high ground and put the interest of his country first and the very people he espouses to fight for. They have spoken and he must accept the result but with clear understanding and or review  of the socalled 400,000 invalid votes which amounts to 15% of the  total votes cast. A percentage of such magnitude under electioneering meets the cieling of the election not being credible and deserves investigation or cancellation and can not be ignored.


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