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Crush Them With Force if Necessary, John G. Rancey Advises Doe: How One Man Evil Genius Ruined Liberia

It often so true about the saying where there is smoke, there is fire and equally breathtaking about the Liberian lingo that to every “EL They Say” (rumours), there is truth behind it, so was the widely  known “EL They” that the demise of the late President Samuel K. Doe of Liberia was hatched, plotted, and directed by the late Hon John G. Rancey, former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and  Advisor to the late President during the early reign of the military government of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC)  headed by  then Head of State,  Master Sargeant Samuel K. Doe

 It was obvious that Master Sargeant Samuel K. Doe, a young 31 year old Head of State could look up to the late John G Rancey  for guidance, wisdom, expertise, strategies and a confidante to him as the closest of the inner circle of the Master Sargeant’s administration such that the late Presidential Affairs Minister be the man shape who the late Liberian leader was and reign as a military leader and President and the country  and ended up.

Master Sargeant Doe

These rumours circulated but there was  no evidence in any form or shape to confirm the widely held view-point. And so it is interesting to see that widely held “EL They Say”, was indeed true and that truth would some day be revealed in concrete evidence caught in the writings of John G. Rancey himself. A  memo discovered has revealed how  the late Presidential  Affairs Minister and Advisor was that  influential in shaping who Doe became and what the country turned out to be not to mention all the political  tragedies over time of his administration. In a March 22, 1983 memo to Doe Minister Rancey outlined his blue  to Master Sargeant Doe on who to navigate the political playing field to remain in office beyond 1985 including using brutal force to suppress or eliminate any internal opposition in Liberia. The memo also reveals the master plan Minister Rancey crafted to dupe the United States to gain their support economically and politically with the intent that after gaining their support, he (Doe) would go ahead to implementing his plans to remain in office beyond 1985. As you read the memo below, you will realize that each  line item of the strategy for the Master Sargeant’s plan to remain in office beyond 1985 was implemented and unfortunately they carried with them untold tragedies which together disintegrated Liberia and people  leading the country into war. But was John G. Rancey a genius  of his time, and who used  his talents for evil purposes and purge Liberia and his fellow countrymen and ultimate demise of the late President  Samuel K. Doe.

 John G. Rancey ‘s Memo to Doe:

As you requested, per our discussion regarding  possible strategies to remain in office beyond 1985, it is my opinion that several essential steps will have to be taken if we are  to minimize the effect  such  a decision will have upon your credibility as Head of State. Since it is obvious the greatest opposition will come from the Americans, I think we should do everything humanly possible to placate them , into supporting you economically and politically. For this to happen however, the following moves must be considered:

  1. Remove all known MOJA (Movement for Justice in Africa) and PPP (Popular People’s Party)  sympathizers from the public eye through  reassignment or dismissal from the government or private positions
  2. Re-establish diplomatic ties with the state of Israel
  3. Adopt a shape stance in both domestic and international arenas against Soviet policy
  4. Dissipate all domestic opposition through strategy if possible; crush with force if necessary

It would be expedient to denounce Socialist philosophy and  those individuals and government associated with it including Ethiopian and Libyan friendship with the Soviets. Condemn all Soviet expansion in Africa, especially Chad, and you will convince the U.S. that any ideologues other than Western -based capitalism have no place in Liberia. It may be helpful to label any internal activists as Socialists.

To be totally convincing in the “pro-American attitude”, it may be necessary to acquire a new Foreign Minister with whom U. S. will be comfortable, a distinction Mr. Fahnbulleh does not enjoy.

Once Liberia receives her blank check of support from America it is possible to begin the last, but the most formidable task, the total elimination of  potential opposition. As we agreed in our discussion, it may be anticipated the most vigorous opposition to your staying on will come from Nimba County.

You may be assured that the leading voice will be that of “your friend”, Thomas Quiwonkpa. I am convinced they are trouble makers who do not hesitate to organize themselves. You can recall Nimba wa the strongest hold of the PPP. Nimbaians seem to love politics, thus, the removal of Thomas  and supporters from the army and positions of government must be gradual and most carefully planned. Regardless of the risk,  you will agree that Thomas and the other “Nimba heroes”  must be totally discredited, if not totally eliminated. I have no doubt that once these critical steps   it are taken is certain the people of Liberia will overwhelmingly support a continuation of your leadership in 1985.


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  1. First Who is the author of this article. Secondly, is it possible that the actual copy of this communication be may public so as to convince the reading public.

    Until then, I think this article is bogus and is an attempt to smear a dead character.

    Please prove me wrong Mr. Author.
    Rancy Wright



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