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Inside the Mind of Laurent Gbagbo

Jeune Afrique- Former Ivorian president never contemplated defeat. Defeated at the polls, back to the wall, he found himself without a plan B. If this is the recourse to force. Exclusive story.

Men of power have no secrets for valet or their handwriting. Those who thought that Gbagbo would submit to the ballot box and who are surprised to see him, a fortnight later, her screwed Chair as an oyster to its rock, submerged by the tide of international condemnation, would be less surprised if they had in mind that andwriting analysis, conducted four years ago on the basis of a manuscript escaped the Palais de Cocody. There is about a man who “identifies completely with his character without revealing insofar as an individual” who answers the question by the “attack” and “pride” on which “the emotional and sensitivity have not taken “that”

never admits defeat, “who” plays on his authoritarianism and his need for power “, whose ego and determination make up” a paranoid personality style “with a mode of conduct both profoundly and permanently immovable structure. Is he lying to himself, he who maintains the truth of reports fluctuating repeatedly denounced by his opponents and partners? Nothing is less certain. But even if he knows that his chances of survival in power is totally hypothetical futures, this posture “Gbagbo against the world” is probably the one where he draws the most intimate of resources. Back to the wall then reappears Gbagbo Bete, heir of six centuries of rootedness in the land of Eburnie and a long history of minority resistance to the conquest then to the French colonial occupation. Gbagbo’s opponent, sure to embody a “new order” and the second independence, the only true, the Ivory Coast .

Gbagbo nationalist, forced as he says “make the revolution of 1789 under the supervision of Amnesty International and who meet the” candidates from abroad, “the white UN armored and injunctions of the community International, claims that his country “is not recolonisation. Reappears “Seplou”, nickname of the village, the bird that warns of the danger and announced the war. As Robert Mugabe, like most heads of state when they face the dictates political, economic or judicial North – International Criminal Court, the democratic criteria of good governance, ill-gotten gains … – Laurent Gbagbo plays a mid- sincere mid-calculator on the register of an Africentric patriotism is far from obsolete in a proportion of continental opinion.

The problem of course is that over a two Ivorians do not recognize in this, that even if it is reluctantly resigned, he did agree that this election is being held under close observation Outdoor and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), which he foresaw in advance that she would endorse a measure “inevitable” but nonetheless “acceptable” fraud, says the results. The problem then is that in case of defeat, unthinkable in his eyes as the humiliation is unbearable, the warthog he became injured has never had another plan B available to the forced passage … Waterloo election Laurent Gbagbo how he drank the cup of his electoral Waterloo? Why he decided to shut himself in his Fort Chabrol Cocody and stand up to history? How far will he? The exclusive story of the five days that rocked Cote d’Ivoire as seen from inside the Presidential Office and reconstructed from the testimony of relatives of outgoing head of state, casts a curious light End of an Era dreary and sometimes surreal. Sunday, November 28 , 23 hours. In his campaign headquarters of the district Adoban Abidjan, Laurent Gbagbo smile. According to information in its possession, the key vote – the postponement of the vote of the electorate of Henri Konan Bedie – rotate in the proper meaning.

 The numbers, at least those who reach it, give it the lead with 52% of the vote, against 48% to Alassane Ouattara. “You see, cowardly president. I knew that the graft did not take. What he ignores, of course, is that even when his rival was in the hands of radical inverse estimates from the CIS (57% in favor). And that, in his continuation of Golf Hotel, the Prime Minister, Guillaume Soro, is in the process of shifting. Soro, who nevertheless believed in Laurent Gbagbo before the first round of 31 October and may have voted for him, then felt the rise of Ouattara, is back against the man who described him as yet there is barely two months “best of [his] prime ministers.” Reason: the sudden hardening of the outgoing president’s election campaign between the two towers. Simone Gbagbo, who took the reins, has seen fit to criticize the length of speech “warmongers” New Forces, who wanted to “eliminate” her husband on behalf of Ouattara. However, the FN is the basis and the matrix of Guillaume Soro, who also did not appreciate the unilateral declaration of curfew . “Just by announcing it on television, Gbagbo shot himself in the foot: he has lost four points in five seconds! “He thundered. Monday, November 29 , 20 hours. Before its close, Gbagbo seems a little less sure of himself.

Everyone on the outside, said the announced victory of his opponent, but no one dares tell him. “We should win, he says. But there is fraud, more serious than I had expected. A little later, he phoned his neighbor and facilitator of the crisis, the Burkinabe President Blaise Compaore, then recounts his conversation: “I told him,” Blaise, it tells me the movement of your troops at our borders. “He replied:” Really? What troops? “I retorted,” Do not you know? “He thought a moment, then said:” Yes, I know what it is, these are small maneuvers before the celebration of our fiftieth anniversary on 11 December Bobo-Dioulasso. “I say,” You could not do elsewhere? That would suit me. “We laughed. “Around 22 hours, a visitor informal go-between between the two camps, slips into the ear of President Guillaume Soro that decided to leave and join Alassane. “It’s impossible, it can not! It would betray! exclaims Gbagbo. Tell him to come see me immediately.

“Thirty minutes later, Prime Minister arrives and rushes into the presidential office. Nothing leaks, but everything suggests that neither man has truly burst the abscess.  Tuesday, November 30 , 19 hours. Nady Bamba, the second wife of the head, did not budge. She met secretly a close collaborator of Soro and had the impression that “William is not going to [the] release. “In tears, she added:” They’ll make things right, Allah is with us! “Sort? Between Night and Fog, time is on intermediate shade. A wealthy businessman from the region located to the Pullman, which has its inputs to the prime minister as the presidency, so does strange compromise proposals between the two men. “Everything is negotiable,” he repeats, and most surprising is that apparently instructed to do so. Informed Gbagbo refuses: “It’s a trap! “Gbagbo, who now hesitates and seems to doubt. “We’re at 50-50, he says, but I hang onto. No doubt he thinks now implement its rescue plan: do everything possible to prevent the IEC to declare the results “biased” and to hand over the Constitutional Council. At the Golf Hotel, Soro, he, no doubt more . With his family, he chose the name of his future party: this will be the NDF, the new democratic forces. >>> Wednesday, December 1 , 19 hours. In the courtyard of the Presidency, in Cocody, Gbagbo’s entourage features mines sullen, aggressive limit. Here, the alien to the square of the faithful is not welcome. “Angola has had twenty-seven years of civil war, we are only in the eighth, we will still nineteen years”, “one officer. It is 20 hours when a visitor book at last that no one leader for the past two days has been willing to say, the figures that the CIS is preparing to give the public beat: “You have 46%. ” Gbagbo is limping along, then corrected himself: “I am not surprised. CIS has always been against me. Choi and UNOCI will wipe the slate clean of fraud because the fraud is on the right side, that of Ouattara. But the CIS is a technical tool. The legal tool, the Constitutional Council. Bonus law, the law and it is the whites who have made it.

I will not yield. Then he picks up the telephone: “Call me the Prime Minister. “Gbagbo Soro:” Come, I await you. “Soro” But I’m with Choi. “Gbagbo:” Let him come and see me. “Soro is on its way. Preventable, the guard outside that it will not let him approach: “No way he sees the boss! “Laurent Gbagbo must reiterate his command. The following interview between two men is strained. They talk about fraud and the President that he is out of question in his eyes that IEC announce the results before midnight: “I do not recognize it. Behind the door ajar, relatives of Gbagbo did not miss a conversation and, as if they doubted the determination of their leader, are not the head when Soro spoke. Later that night, back at the hotel, Guillaume Soro as Gbagbo explain it appeared “tired, disoriented,” and that, under these circumstances, it has not had the courage to confirm that he had actually lost the game. Bridges are cut. They meet again. 

 Thursday, December 2, 14 hours. The deadline for the CIS to announce the results are theoretically expired yesterday, a race began between the two camps. Alassane Ouattara phone to the head of UNOCI, Choi Young-jin, to ask him to host the conference in his local press Bakayoko Youssouf, president of IEC, which is to proclaim the provisional results. Choi’s refusal: “No, not at home, this would not be appropriate. “It will be at the Golf Hotel – not the best place, symbolically and politically, but even in ‘Ivorian territory.” By early evening, we learn that the Constitutional Council will announce its own results tomorrow. Ouattara an emissary to “Tell Gbagbo that he returns to it because nothing happens to him, I will defend to the end. “Another resident of the prestigious Golf Bédié himself is much sharper:” Gbagbo has gone mad and it will not. In a few days, the army and have swept the UNOCI. The army … Late in the evening, Laurent Gbagbo says to a visitor: “I know Soro and his rebels were preparing an offensive to take down to Yamoussoukro and San Pedro. They are counting on divisions within the Defence Forces and security.

But I have no fear. The army and I have sealed a pact. For the rest, they take the North, you can live without! ” >>> Friday, December 3 , in the heart of the night. The palace of Cocody, the atmosphere is the mobilization and meditation. Exhortations escape of small prayer groups gathered here and there: “God Save The Ivory Coast! “The Bible and the gun. Laurent Gbagbo, whose telephone interview with Nicolas Sarkozy went very wrong, receives the Ambassador of France Jean-Marc Simon. “Sarkozy, Chirac’s II! ‘T he, “You should know that the Ivorian law, the Constitutional Council shall prevail! The law is that you have invented is not it? “Even though he would later say” impressed “by the extreme resolution of the speaker, Simon shows farm. “No violence, no bloodshed, no French to be touched,” he repeated. Since the mid-afternoon, the Ivorian president has burned his ships.

The Constitutional Council has declared elected without taking into account article 64 of the Ivorian electoral code, revised in 2008 and provides that if the Council finds serious irregularities such as to vitiate the fairness of the poll and affect its overall result, “he pronounced” the annulment of the presidential election “(and not the identity of the winner), a new poll to be held” at least forty-five days “after the date of this decision. No Nobel Prize submission That night, “Seplou is alone in his office. A waiter brought him a glass of water and a sandwich jambon beurre. Its large fleet Pathé’O shirt a bit.

He is tired and gaunt, but his eyes come alive with a strange light when it starts, before a close we just introduced, in a long monologue. “Well what? Why give up? Why go? To me that awards the Nobel Prize for submission? For example you quote me in front of schoolchildren in France and that one says: here is proof that democracy in the French it works deep into Africa? Well, no. This election demonstrates that democracy here, that does not work yet. Where is the modern voting, when the imam gives instructions to the mosque and all his faithful followers as one man? Where is democracy when everybody is cheating? Côte d’Ivoire is in the process of democratic learning and this is mine, Laurent Gbagbo, the guide until the lesson is learned. Then, of course, we will condemn me.

The Americans, the French will condemn me. I am not Israeli, I am not Mubarak, I am not Karzai. I am an African. But I resist. I buff. Bedie went to bed. Me, I’ll never let Alassane Ouattara lead the Ivory Coast. If he wants my seat, he must first it passes me on the body! “Outside, the bullfrogs that haunt the banks of the murky lagoon Ébrié croak in unison. The die is cast.


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