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Liberians Open Up their Homes to Ivorian Refugess

Liberia is noted for its uncharacteristic hospitality, hardly found anywhere else and it surely came into focus when Ivorians fleeing the crisis in Ivory Coast  for safety and fear that the conflict could burst into a full blown war are entering Liberia daily by the thousands.

According to Liberia Information Minister Cletus Sieh in an interview with BBC Focus on Africa Sunday, said 14,000 Ivorian refugees have since entered into Liberia and Liberians are welcoming and accommodating them in their homes, sharing with them whatever they have.

The Minister said Liberians are accommodating the Ivorian refugees and sharing with the little they have noting, Liberia too is recovering from 14 years of civil war and  local themselves don’t have that much to sustain themselves and the refugees in the long haul.

The Information boss said, he is concern that when the local run out of the little food they are sharing, the refugees could face hardship and therefore called on the United  Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and other relevant institutions to step in as soon as possible to provide shelter, food, and medicine for the refugees.  Minister  Sieh specifically called on the UNHCR to set up refugee camps to provide shelters for the 14,000 refugees and the many expected to flood into the country as a full scale war is anticipated in the Ivory Coast.


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