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Liberians Oppose to Military Action in Cote d’Ivoire

Liberians are oppose to any military action to force embattled President Laurent Gbagbo out of office. According  to BBC Focus on Africa correspondent in Monrovia, Johnathan  Pailele, opinions sampled from Liberians are unanimous, opposing to any military action  i n the crisis in the Ivory Coast.

According to Johnathan Pailele, Liberians say they are opposed to military intervention stemming  from the lessons experienced from ECOMOG intervention in their country. Liberians say the ECOMOG intervention saw the soldiers engaged in human rights violations  with impunity and the looting of the country.  

They say peaceful resolution should be pursued to bring the Ivory Coast to an amicable resolution and fear military intervention country in the crisis could threaten the safety of Liberians living in the Ivory Coast.

 Liberia has a large  community in the Ivory Coast brought about as the result of the 14 year civil war  launched through Ivory Coast on Christmas eve 1989 by Charles Taylor and his financiers.

The Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf confirmed that Liberian mercenaries are fighting alongside with the rebel forces if military intervention is used since it is said Liberian mercenaries  are fighting along with  the Ivory Coast with the Laurent Gbagbo’s government, such public confirmation would put the safety of Liberians in jeopardy, fearing their countrymen  could  face reprisal.


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  1. I wonder how many of us really sit to think carefully about the Ivory Coast situation. Listen, for how long will our leaders not think on their own? Why do we allow ourselves to be used by the west to implement their agenda? Are we really free from colonialism? Why do we think that military option is the solution now? Who said if Gbagbo is forced out, there will be peace in Ivory Coast? I wish Africans will think for a second for themselves instead of obeying the impulses of colonialism. Should we kill ourselves to gratify the uncontrolled lust of colonial masters? Must we hate ourselves like this? Have we not seen enough of bloodshed already on our continent? Why do we allow the whiteman to knock our heads against another and complain of headache? Arise Africa and be wise. Enough of the colonialism. Our leaders who are dancing to the tunes of their colonial masters can go ahead but one day, posterity will catch up with them.


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