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“Would You Consider John Morlu, Auditor General of Liberia a Viable Alternative to President Sirleaf if He Ever Enter the Presidential Race in 2011?”

Happy New Year, as we enter yet another new year, the first year of a new decade and knowing that the political landscape in Liberia gets interesting as it prepares for election in October 2011, the second of its kind after 14 years of civil war.

Auditor General, John Morlu

The country has seen lot of candidates declared their candidacies to take on the incumbent and formidable President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and yet despite this increasingly crowded field, the political paradigm and landscape remain threatened in any serious way to pose a threat that will send chillies into political machinery of the incumbent President and creat a nervous breakdown in the President’s camp.

From all indication and surveys, it is soberly settled that voters do not see the present candidates who have already made known their candidacies as viable alternative to incumbent President Sirleaf, a situations which according to the electorates have boxed them in a corner and the unknown comes October 2011 gazing into the horizon for a viable alternative candidate to the incumbent President whom many observers say the electorates have a frustrating relationship with because of her government’s many corruption woes and failure to reprimand corrupt officials while the culture of impunity thrives in in public service. The general analysis beneath this voter frustration is the mindset that if no viable alternative emerges on the landscape, voters say they will reluctantly re-elect the incumbent because as far they are concerned, the current candidates on the field are not viable alternative to the President. Observers beleive these reluctant voters that will come to the polls and join supporters of the Unity Party to re-elect President Sirleaf will be a very few while majority of the disaffected voters will stay home and 2011 election will have a very low turnout.

As Liberian electorates gaze into the horizon for a viable alternative to the President, and knowing that almost all expected potential candidacies have already announced their candidacies and the commentary remains the same, we have taken keen interest in one of such Liberian who name had longed been filtering in the airwaves who might himself be persuaded or decide to run for President in 2011. And that Liberian is a young man, John Morlu, Auditing General of Liberia who had taken on corruption with lethal Vernon, something Liberia and Africa have not seen by confronting Liberia and the continent’s menace, corruption which continues to leave this great and rich country and continent indigent.

We now have decided to pare the Auditor General though there is no known well established public utterance of any sort that John Morlu will run for President but for curiosity and the longed held speculation that he could run and if he did, he would be that viable alternative to President Sirleaf whom the Liberian electorates could be gazing into the horizon for. We decided to run the first of our Presidential Straw Poll in 2011 to measure whether in fact Mr. Morlu is the third rail that could be that viable alternative to the President.

We ask you take part in our first poll in 2011, be that voter who becomes the to vote in our very first pol in 2011.
first polls in 2011.


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  1. Independent auditing in the public sector plays a crucial role in promoting the principles of good governance—transparency, accountability, fairness, equity, efficiency, respect for the rule of law, standards of ethical behavior—all of which represents the basis upon which to build a more open government. Mr. Morlu’s role as the first “independent” auditor general in the Liberian government must be heralded as a watershed moment in Liberia’s history occurring during the administration of Madam Sirleaf. His role should not be politicized to the extent that it has been in certain quarters. As a member of the government, he has managed to throw a spotlight into the controversial role that independent auditing plays in the fight against corruption. However, his role is a highly specialized and limited one. As such, an effective fight against corruption will require a more holistic approach with a heavy reliance on strengthening the judiciary branch to operate independently of political influence. It is my hope that Mr. Morlu’s work as an independent auditor in government has not been driven by political interests as it would compromise the quality of his performance.

    I also gather from this text that the Liberian electorate is not being credited with having the capability of exercising sound political judgment. Weighing competencies for leadership requires a multi-faceted analysis. This means that any wise voter would weigh the entire performance record of the Sirleaf administration in all areas of governance and development over the last 6 years. It requires a holistic approach of understanding where Liberia was, how far it has come, and what potential it has in moving forward. In providing answers to these questions, it is easy to see then that the best alternative is what you might already have.


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