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Liberia World’s Second to United States, First in Africa in Auditing

Liberia is ranked second in the world and number one country in Africa in auditing. Liberia’s second rank in auditing places her next to the United States which comes first in as number one country in auditing.

A G John Morlu

Liberia acquired the world’s second place and Africa’s number one country in auditing because of the landmark stance of the General Auditing Commission resistance to comply with the Liberian National Legislature orders compelling  the Auditor  General , John Morlu  to pay  a fine into  government revenue for failure to comply with its orders directing the Auditor General to reinstate employees who were dismissed and told to reapply after the Commission was restructured by the Legislature, changing from a bureau to a full independent commission in concert with the constitution of Liberia.

The Auditor General insisted then that he could not comply with the Legislature orders on grounds that it was in contravention of the law and unconventional to good housekeeping and rudiments in public  management, arguing once an entity is restructured, all employees automatically lost any previous contract of employment with an entity and could only be given the privilege  of rehiring if that entity so deserved. The Auditor General refused to pay the contempt fine and took his argument to court and the commission  was vindicated.

Though the landmark contempt case sealed Liberia’s fate of being the world’s second auditing nation and first on the African continent, other impressive milestone which collectively contributed to the country’s high score in auditing include but not limited to the country’s achievement in auditing, meaning, Liberia archived in just two years what other African countries like Gambia and others  achieved in 10 years.

In its unwavering “leave no stone unturned auditing policy”, the General Auditing Commission aggressively audited  and repossessed government properties. Warehouses at the Freeport of Monrovia  in the illegal possession of individuals and companies, making money for themselves impersonating  as their personal properties have long been confiscated by the Commission and turn over to the Liberian government  and today, the government is  accruing 30 million United States dollars in storage fees from the warehouses.

In other development, Auditor General John Morlu commended his entire team for their unflinching commitment to the commission and the prestige their commitment had earned the commission being one of the foremost  auditing institutions in short a short span of time. He underscored that Liberians are smart people and all they need is the tools and requisite training. He said one does not need to be an account to be an auditor but all one needs is the training and character.

The GAC boss told his lieutenants that since his assignment to Liberia, he still uses the same car given to him when he first took up his assignment and would still use it even if he stays at the GAC for the next 10 years. He implied why should I put in for a $ 40,000.00  United States dollars car when I can instead put in for training  abroad and other opportunities for employees at the commission which could strengthen the commission’s manpower base. The GAC boss said and that what he has done and will continue to do.

Today the GAC sent turned ordinary Liberian Yarna boys and young students  into  world class auditors and the commission has become a magnet for recruitment  by the private sector, banks, financial, and other private and non governmental organization furiously biding for the human resource at the GAC.

Information from the GAC revealed the commission has to date sent 9 employees who have returned with master degrees and more have just been sent to Kenya for their masters.

At his recent meeting with GAC employees, the Auditor  is quoting as saying he is proud of Liberians and takes happiness in building the intellectual and human resource of Liberia because when the b become educated, they will be useful to Liberia, be a better citizen, a help to their family and Liberia will profit immensely.


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  1. I am amazed to hear that Liberia is ranked second to United States in auditing and first in Africa. I do not want to believe this. A few days ago, I sent Mr Morlu an email questioning the auditing that is going on in Liberia, but he has not reply. I also enclosed with that email the audited financial statements of the US Government to assist his organization.
    Based on that audit document that I sent to Mr Morlu, it appears that we are very far from conducting any type of full blown financial audit of the government.
    As I pointed out to Mr Morlu, that after all these years, I have not seen any financial statements for the Liberian Government. We need to know whether the Government has a Balance Sheet, Statement of Net Worth,, Statement of operations and changes in net position, Statement of Changes in Cash Balance from Unified Budget and other Activities etc.
    After these types of financial statements are audited and produced, we will be able to have a clear understanding of the financial position of the government and will be able to better plan for the future. If we cannot do these, how will we be able to determine accountability, misuse of public funds etc.


  2. It is remarkable, what an individual, “with a determined mind”, can do. Mr Morlu is a determined man who has seen his country over a century and half, robbed, pillaged, and underdeveloped, given the human and natural resouces it is blessed with. As a liberian, I am very proud of such and meaningful development, that the nation’s properties are being taken care of by a determined man at the helm of the GAC.


  3. This is exactly what Liberia long been missing… Thank God someone at the end of the Tunnel knows there is a light at the other end. Luxurious Cars are not the answer to the Liberian economy… Thank God someone realized that Charles Taylor’s idea of a good government ( luxurious cars) is wrong and Ignorant !


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