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The Massacre of Liberian Refugees by Ghanaian Security: A Pictorial Account

The massacre of Liberian refugees  by Ghana security and mass arrest of  countless more unaccounted for enter a second day and the rest of the refugees on Buduburam Refugee Camp are living in fear tonight.

Liberian refugee girl shot by Ghana Security

The face of the Buduburam refugee camp massacre and raid by Ghanaian Security forces  against unarmed Liberian refugees has emerged. A pictorial account of the shooting of an innocent Liberian refugee child by Ghana security forces on Sunday following a raid by security forces of Ghana of Liberian refugees on the Buduburam refugee camp where Liberians who fled their country since 1990 after civil broke out in their country.

This innocent Liberian refugee child met her demise when Ghana security forces opened fire on Liberian refugees, killing this Liberian refugee chill and four others, according to our an eyewitness in Ghana, Henry Heggin who provide this photo shot of a gunned down Liberian refugee child killed by Ghanaian security forces.

Liberian refugees in Ghana according to our correspondent in Ghana reports Liberian refugees in Ghana are frustrated, angry and broken by the failure of the Liberian Embassy in Accra to respond to killings of  Liberian refugees in a serious, robust and forceful manner to hold the President of Ghana John Atta Mills and  government feet to the fire to account for those Liberian refugees killed by Ghanaian state security forces and demand the many refugees rounded up and thrown in jail be immediately released without delay and any precondition.

Refugees rounded up

The refugees, by our correspondent’s account has been told by Liberian refugees on Buduburam refugee camp that they are living in fear and their safety no longer guaranteed because  the government which should be protecting them has resulted to killing  and reigning havoc on them.  The refugees have also melted their anger and dismay with the Liberian government and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees for not taking strong stance against the Ghanaian government for the killings of a Liberian refugee child and four others and rounding up and jailing of several others.

Bullet Shells from Security forces

                                                                                                                                                          Refugees interviewed by our correspondent say they feared their fellow refuges rounded up and in the custody of  Ghanaian authority could be tortured by security forces and demand that they be released immediately and unconditionally.

Ghana security forces stormed the Buduburam refugee camp where Liberian refugees have been hosted by Ghana since 1990 to prevent the installation of a corp of officers the Buduburam Refugee Camp Welfare council, after the previous administration was removed by the refugees for failure to seek their welfare.

 They complained that welfare leadership team had no interest in their wellbeing and were bent on their exploitation and   converting their opportunities to Ghanaian citizens, emphasizing that Ghana ridiculous refugee laws prevent Liberian refugees from running their own affairs but Ghanaians who do not know what it means to be a refugee are the ones running the affairs of Liberian refugees in Ghana.


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  1. i dont understand why this is still happening. why are these people not being help more to be sent back home or to another country that could help give them a better life who is running things the goverment or thayre security!!!! i have friends who need help to be moved what will happen to them will thay be protected or will this happen again and if so what will be done about it dos it have to become world wide news befor anything is done!!!


  2. President Jerry John Rawlings did every thing humanly possible to protect us in Ghana whilst at the castle. Has Atta Mills lost control of his security forces? or he has forgoting there are a lot of Ghanian citizens residing in Liberia. I don’t blame the Ghanians, our so called leaders don’t take issues of this nature serious, this is not the first nor the third time Ghanian Security has raided the Buduburam Refugee camp and carry out such atrocities. You are the best in the whole wide world for sure in hospitality, shame on you. Remember you have citizens in Liberia too, what goes around comes around


  3. I am a Liberian refugee now living in Ausralia. why must the people of Ghana and their government behave like this to poor and inocent refugees? The world must know that the blood of Lberians is on their hands. Seeking refuge in another country does not make one a target of death. Those responsible must know that the Almighty is looking at them.

    Today, there are serveral Ghanians living in our Free Land of liberty, they do what ever they like, come with fake documents and take away liberian jobs without coment. But they should know now that we know all their lies.

    May the souls of our brothers and sisters killed by the president of Ghana and his police forces rest in peace.


  4. Under who (commander) watch did this happen? What measures are put in place to make sure Liberians and future refugees are protected against such thing?

    Severe measures must be taken against those responsible for the death i.e, death penalty if found guilty.
    It is only by doing this that the government of Ghana will assure Liberians and the world that they have all refugee interest at heart. We are in the USA and watching Ghana’s government next step.


  5. We at the camp are really terrified and yet traumatized since the Sunday,feb 13the incident,Gun shots that we have since stoppedhearing and seeing people dead for thepast years were brough in our ears and very eyes,I SAW police shooting like on a war front towards unarmed refugee,notonly refugee but west african brothers and sisters,strangers in a country where Ghana has peace peace keepers servingin the UN peace keeping troops called UNMIL .

    Thisis not the frist nor second time,I remember and experienced for myself when we were raided in 2000,with Heilicopter gunships,military,and police men,and again in March of 2008 when women protested against the UNHCR on a footbal park,we were again raided and over 600 hundred women,children were sent to a prison by the then interior minister,again we were raided this time Blood was spill,this is a shame and babaric.

    My Question comes,who sent the Police and on what derective the came on,what information given to the commander to come on Sunday morning when peope were preparing for church service,marketeers trying to sell their goods,the first shot was at 6am and people began asking what is going on that police are shooting.OH God,you can see what is being done,war is not good,but it seem that Ghana is trying to bring on herself an untimely war.


  6. in such a mordern age , ghanan security foces shooting live bullet at unarm civilian , what a shame you have brought to your country , a country that is upholding the tendency of democracy in africa .what will the people in somalia, sundan irovry coast, gunninea do. show the LIGHT people will follow.”we are the best in africa” GHANA!!!!!!!


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