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Power-Sharing Government for Ivory Coast

Monday, the African Union Mediation Committee, mediating the Ivorian crisis arrived i Ivory last Monday and met with former Presidential candidate, Alassane Quttara and President Laurent Gbagbo. The committee met with both leaders to discuss and unveil their final proposal to settle the Ivorian crisis, something the African Union had mandated to do and whose outcome would be mandatory on all parties in the Ivorian crisis.

According  to BBC the recommendation for a power-sharing government crafted by  the African Union Mediation Committee was disclosed by South Africa President Jacob Zuma who said the AU Mediation Committee focused on a power-sharing government in Ivory Coast until election is held.

The depth of power-sharing plan was not however disclosed but by the mandate of the African Union given to the committee, both all parties to the Ivorian crisis have no other alternative but to live by the terms of the recommendation will be binding.

When the next election will be held and the power-sharing government will take place is not yet being disclosed.

The AU Mediation Committee wa set up by the African Union to negotiate an amicable resolution to the Ivory Coast crisis.

Last Novemeber, Ivory Coast saw itself at the brink civil war when both candidates in the election are locked in a war, each candidate claiming the Presidency. Alassan Quattara was announced winner of the election and is recognized by the international community but the Constitutional Court reverted his victory in favor of the then incumbent President, Laurent Gbagbo on grounds about 550,000 votes from the northern stronghold of Quattara was invalid. The change in the result has since threatened the country and lot of Ivorian refugees have crossed into neighboring countries, fearing an all out war will break out.

About 10 Ivorian security forces we killed last night following an in armbush in the Abobo Stronghold of Quattara in Abidjan. There has been clashes between Ivorian security forces and Alassan Quattara supporters.


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