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Tubman Comes Face-to- Face with “Not a Grassrooter Image” at Hayetai Center

The newly crowned Standard Bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, Cllr. Winston Tubman barely two weeks after take over from soccer legend, George Weah as head of  the once powerful opposition party, appeared before the people’s parliament, known as Haitaye Center  (CENPID-“ Center for the Promotion of Intellectual Development”) on Carey Street yesterday in Monrovia.

Apparently, Cllr. Tubman was advised by his handlers to appear at the people’s parliament to face his “not a grassrooter image”. a label which is becoming a huge liability for the Tubman-Weah ticket which has since deeply divided the party, if not making core members and supporters to flee the ticket since the party convention about two weeks ago.

According to the moderator at CENPID who conducted the forum, the gathering was well attended with visible press presence. Cllr Tubman  the moderator  said, was confronted by  members of the forum by again labeling him as not being a grassrooter as they are and one who can not represent their aspirations nor speak to their conditions because he is an élite who know no though times but one of silver spoon who attended élite schools and ivy league universities in Great Britain and the United States and came back home upon completing his education to becoming a public official at the  tender age of 25 years old  and since lived in the corridors of power and privilege all of his life.

Responding to the “not a grassrooter” label, the CDC Standard Bearer tried to distance himself from the label by reiterating how bless he is  to have had the opportunity and privilege to live the kind of life he has lived and who he has become but told the forum that upon return from study abroad, he joined government and since championed the cause of the ordinary people in every opportunity and work he was privilege to and being the Standard Bearer of the  CDC, it is another manifestation how he had worked and continues to work with the grassrooters, the CDC being the rendezvous of the grassrooters.

The CDC Standard Bearer did not change minds, said the forum moderator because he failed to pinpoint specific work he did in the interest of the ordinary people and what  connection he had or has with them in terms of his interactions. The vibe was just not there at the forum, you know what I mean, the forum could not make a connection with Tubman and all he was trying to articulate.

The consensus after the forum according  to the moderator is that Tubman did not connect with the ordinary people and his appearance at the forum did not help him either. The mood of the forum was very lukewarm and there was no connection. That label will hurt Mr. Tubman and Weah chances of  winning the coming elections, the CENPID moderator concluded.

 CENPID or the Haytai center is a public forum where people of all background meet daily to discuss the day to day developments affecting the country and society  and has become been the hub of Liberian politics since its establishment in 1992 and is virally replicating around the country serving as a beacon of scrutinizing politics and politicians. It has become a condition now that one has to pass through the people’s parliament scrutiny if he or she wants to make head wave in ones ambition.


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  1. Did’nt Mr. Tubman carry a majority votes of the grassroot partisans? And was not his background thoroughly debated before the convention? I think once he is selected the party should rally around their candidate and help him connect to the grassroot issues where he is found wanting. Don’t forget that Tubman also gave service to his country including a teaching position at the Law School of the University. His service abroad gave Liberia an image that, though underdeveloped, Liberia has been able to produce capable people to serve world community with distinction made possible by his training.


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