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George Weah Back on the Pitch, Rejoins Lonestar: Is He Saying Goodbye to Politics?

George Weah, the Liberian soccer legend,  known as King George in the world of football for his brilliant talent and unprecedented success on the football field excelling to where no African footballer had ever gone to become FIFA World Best Player of the Year, European Best, and African Best Player of the year.

 King George,  as this African football legend is known because  of his extraordinary talent and achievements, earned all his titles in a single year, something which no footballer had ever done but unfortunately, he never went to the World Cup or earned his country the championship of African Cup of the Confederation of African Football, the football governing body of the African continent. 

At the thwart light of this African football legend’s footballer career, he made an unconventional move to accept to hang up his football boots and retire to join politics, something he had not affiliated with and decided to run for the Presidency of  his war-striken country, Liberia  in the 2005 elections, the first election after many years of fighting in which  the country’s dictator Samuel Doe was executed by rebel forces.

The football legend believed to be the best person to lead Liberia in 2005 because his fellow countrymen felt he was the only person who could unify the deeply divided country and one who had no hand in the many warring factions and fighting which destroyed the country.

As a celebrity and the country’s favorable son, George Weah victory for the Presidency of Liberia was tagged as inevitable but was only bent on time for him to occupy the nation’s most noble real estate, the Executive Mansion, home of the President of Liberia. Weah commanded huge followings and his campaign was electrifying. He and his Congress for Democratic Change party, grew out of  a grassroot movement mounted a fierce unconventional push to win state power, they won the first round of the election with a pool of 20 other Presidential candidates but performed dismally in the second round by falling  to a Havard trained and World Bank executive, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who now is the President and Africa’s first female President.

But as the 2011 election is about to blossom on the horizon in October, the football legend has recalibrated his thoughts and soul weighing whether in fact he can  fully adapt to this overnight newly found career of politics. In demonstrating  his seriousness about his uneasiness and wavering determination in politics, Weah made a daring move by passing over been the Standard Bearer of his party to Cllr. Winston Tubman who is now the Standard Bearer and Weah Vice Standard Bearer in the 2011 elections.

Tearing the Regrets of Politics

That bold move, many observers believed was George Weah exist strategy to retire from politics and return to what he knows best, football and one thing no one has the least nerve to badmouth him  about because he has no equal and stands solely in his class .

On Wednesday, this week, it seems a glimpse of what observers have predicted his coming to pass,  barely a month after the football icon sudden move by accepting the request of the President of the Liberia football Association, Musa Bility to join five of his former Lone Star players who have also been called to return to the national squad as Liberia prepares for the African Cup of Nations qualifier.

The Liberia Football Association  said he spoke with the legendary Weah on Wednesday via phone inviting him to form a part of the Lone Star once more.  Mr. Bility said  “I spoke with Mr. Weah via phone on yesterday (Wednesday) asking him to come back to the Lone Star , and I informed him that I  have recalled other ex-internationals including James Debbah, Joe Nagbe, Kelvin Sebwe, Oliver Markor, Louis Crayton and George Gebro”. “Weah embraced the idea saying “this is beyond politics. The Lone Star is for the Liberian people and if there is a need for me to come,  I will”.

According to the LFA  President the LFA was recalling the former Lone Star players because the young team they have have on the Lone Star have failed and emphatically said it was a grave mistake the former Lone Star team was disbanded. Mr. Bility said he will meet George Weah in Egypt in June of this year at the FIFA congress.

With this disclosure that Weah is dusting up his old boots he hang up 2005 for a hurriedly tailored political suit, uncertainty and lot of unanswered questions will rally around the CDC and Weah himself about the future of his party and his commitment in involvement with the success of the Tubman-Weah ticket. Does this latest move signifies Weah is abandoning politics and retreating to his comfort zone, football and if he denies so how possible can he be an active football player and run a campaign.

Observers commenting on Weah latest move, say, Weah as far as he is concerned, is out of politics and for the Tubman-Weah ticket success, Winston Tubman is on his own, while the party itself has to figure out its own way.


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