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Unity Party Lies on Morlu Again: What Do They Want?






The Unity Party and government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf through their political operatives and propaganda machine, Global News Network (GNN) sitting in the state of  Minnesota, United States at the expense of the suffering  Liberian taxpayers,  have begun the onslaught of yet another smear campaign against the former Auditor General of Liberia, John Sembe Morlu barely a month after he left the General Auditing Commission determined to chase him wherever he is by concocting lies and fabrication to impugn his good character shown in stone and iron which the entire nation  and international community can confirm.

The Liberia Renaissance Campaign (LRC), the umbrella organization bringing  together Liberians  from all works of life to petition this illustrious son of Liberia with impeachable character and proven track record of unprecedented public service performance, never seen in the history of the 164 years of our nation  existence demonstrated through the last four  years as Auditor General of the General Auditing Commission, categorically condemns in the strongest terms the lies and  fabrication that the ex-Auditor General will be going as Vice Presidential candidate to Senator Prince Johnson .  At no time did the former Auditor General, his aides or the LRC ever had any talks with the Senator,  his party, or associates least to say discussing and agreeing to go as Vice Presidenial candidate  to the Senator.

The publication in the GNN is the propaganda hand of the Unity party, LIFE, and other propaganda machine of the Unity Party concocted to do noting but deceive and prove how cowardice they are in a  false bid to  find stability in their panic,  fearing that President Sirleaf and the  party chances of re-election is slim with the coming into the race of the former Auditor General John Sembe Morlu, whom Liberians under the banner of the LRC will be petitioning.

Mr. Morlu is presently  making an international tour in the interest of Liberia and upon his return will be petitioned by LRC. The former AG remains steadfast and LRC   not shocked that the Unity Party and president Sirleaf will  harsh their usual ploy they have been unleashing against him for four years now,  but the LRC and all good meaning Liberians will stand by Mr. John Morlu  and remain focused on the prize ahead, retiring President Sirleaf and the kleptocratic Unity Party government to bring in  fresh  air  once more, that   the Liberian people who are being suffocated and strangulated by the massive   pillaging of their resources, forcing them to live in abject poverty, can  find relief.

The Unity Party and President Sirleaf will serve the very Liberian people  they are ill-treating and keeping in bondage ,  if they could use the financial resources fraudulently taken from the coffers of the very taxpayers to direct it to the proper purpose for which such resources were legitimately accrue to improve the living conditions of  our suffering people who in less than six months from now will be  liberated at from their shackles and corruption and  will not have a government whose best friend and confidant is corruption  as it now has the President and her UP government.

President Sirleaf, the  government,  the Unity Party, and all its fraudulent opportunistic propaganda machine have a long way to go because none of their shady propaganda can break the impeachable character of Mr. Morlu and the Liberian people, together we will bound and  put up a fierce resistance to rescue our country from thieves and a kleptocractic regime whose concern is to rig the coffers of our suffering and improvished  country   while they parad the halls of power with impunity and their victims (Liberian people) don’t know where the next meal comes from or child dies because the father or mother can not afford to pay US$5.00 to hospital or clinic to treat their precious child though the President and all the kleptocrats in government send their children to the best hospitals and can afford a queens’s dish three times a day.

We know from the meetings of  the Unity Party and all its fraudulent propaganda machines, several strategies were designed,  as they put it, ” to  destroy Mr. Morlu Presidential bid” and the latest lie and fabrication is the first tool planned to be unleashed on this young and dynamic son of Liberia. We know smear campaign, character assassination, intimidation, and threats are tools of choice put in place to derail Mr. Morlu’s campaign. We know of these tools and many more yet to be unveiled,  will be deployed by the Unity Party,  the government and its fraudulent auxiliaries and shady caricature huntsmen to derail the Morlu campaign but one thing is clear, good will always overcome evil.  John Morlu and the Liberian people are on the good side while the Unity Party and  Sirleaf government are on the side of evil, when all is said and done, the good will triumph evil.

We all and the Unity Party know that, their government and the President have no appealing  record to canvas on to convince the Liberian people to change their minds to re-elect them and knowing the Liberian people have identified Mr. Morlu, the portrait of the future Liberians  want to go, the Unity Party, its fraudulent propaganda machine bought by money from Liberian taxpayers coffers are fighting  so hard to maintain the status quo because  they fear, a John Morlu government means accountability, meaning their feast on the public coffers will be over.

The LRC and Mr. Morlu are here to stay just as the former Auditor General stood his grounds while cohesive and vehement machine waged all sorts of accusations and threats meant to make him back down to corruption and  license the continual plundering of  the public coffers to strive. Liberia is worth fighting for and doing so,  is no crime.

The renaissance of a new Liberia is on the horizon, we are focued on the prize to unearth and restore the forgotten Liberian dream, envisioned by our founders, well articulated in the first inaugural address of President Joseph Jenkins Roberts, and that is to make Liberia the paradise God designed it to be.

The Liberia Renaissance Campaign recognizes the basis of the purported agreement between  Prince Johnson and Mr. Morlu, knowing the former Auditor General is the only melting polt in this election who will cohesively unify the opposition and easily sail the victory lap,  it is not a rocky science therefore, that shady propaganda strategists will feed on this tramp card to concoct a ploy with cynical and narrow mind frame to  bring into play the same lie  UP and President Sirleaf deployed against George Weah and his CDC which cost him and his party the vote rich county of Nimba.

  Unfortunately this time around for the Unity Party and President Sirleaf, there is a new sheriff in town with tough skin and wears  the badge of   ” tested leader”, ready to fight to make his country the paradise it was meant to be but unable to unfold because of greed by a handful from one generation to another like the present government and leaders in power today.


                   Liberia Renaissance Campaign (LRC)



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