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CDC Accuses Former Secretary General, Eugene Nagbe and Unity Party of Demonic Politics

The opposition party Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, has accused the ruling Unity Party of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and its former Secretary General, Eugene Nagbe of engaging in demonic politics. Speaking to the press today, Mr. Acarous Gray, Secretary General of the CDC told the media the former party former Secretary General, Eugene Nagbe lured some partisans of the CDC to attend  a program where some alleged CDC members  under the banner of Free Thinkers were pledging their support for President Sirleaf and the Unity Party under the disguise that he (Nagbe)  wanted to return to party and settle his differences but needed  some members to escort him to the party headquarters.

The CDC partisans said unknowingly, they followed their former Secretary General, believing that in politics dialogue is necessary but only to arrive and saw several banners and placards on display at a program they had no clue about on display with their party logo pledging support to President Sirleaf and the Unity Party.

Realizing that some fishy maneuvering was in play, staged by the former Secretary General, scuffle broke out as they interrupted the program from being held because they were lured under false pretense and under no condition did they acquiesced to pledge support to the President or the Unity Party.

The Liberian National Police were brought in they  and brutalized the CDC members, some of whom sustained injuries. The CDC Secretary General, Acarous Gray accused the Acting City Mayor of Monrovia, Mary Broh of instigating the brutality of his members saying, she called in the police.

But the Liberia National Police said it only went in to quell the scoffer that ensued, it is only time that will unveil the true reality of what happen though some partisans of the CDC were seen with evidence of injuries which they lamented they sustained from the police.


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