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Maryland County in Turmoil, Cavalla Rubber Plantation Workers Protest 4 Years of Salary Arrears, One Shot Dead

Workers of Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC) in Maryland County, Liberia late Wednesday took to the streets of Pleebo City to protest four years of salary arrears owed them by SIFCA the mother company which operates the CRC.

 Reports from eyewitness account informed the media that the CRC plantation workers were protesting a  four year – back pay from the company when things were violent after security forces came in to put the protest under control but unfortunately a protester, Garto Doe was shot dead by the  Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Liberia National Police.

Rep. Bhofal  Chambers of Pleebo-Sodoken District  who represents where the plantation is operating,   has led a robust resistance to the CRC’s parent company,  SIFCA  financial  strength after it signed  50-year US$74 million concession with the Liberian government in January 2011 to operate an oil palm company in Pleebo, Maryland County. 

The Maryland Representative  has been a loner in the fight for the interest of his people, insisting SIFCA is not financially solvent to run the  oil palm concession in his County.

Rep. Chambers

His hard handiness in his fight to ensure his constituents get their fair share of  the 50- year concession agreement by strongly echoing SIFCA, the  parent company of the  Cavalla Rubber Corporation in his district does not have the financial ability to run the oil palm company, has earned him lots of  enemies in his party, the ruling Unity Party including an uneasy relationship with the leader of his party, President Sirleaf. That rift and uneasiness among his colleagues came on the bare surface last week when Rep. Chambers was removed from his post as Chairman of the Unity Party Legislative Caucus in the Legislature through a manipulative and maneuvering means  compared to a  bloodless coupé, as observers put it.

 The recent protest has vindicated Representative Chambers unrelentless cry that SIFCA is not financially strong to run the oil palm company in his district; because if it (SIFCA) is in arrears to its workers for 4 years, Liberians will agree with the Pleebo Representative now that SIFCA is not financially strong and the 50-year oil palm concession deal should be re-evaluated and the concession bid be re-opened to other potential solvent bidders

Disappointingly, Representative Chambers is the fight for his county alone because even his two Senators, Gloria Scott and John Ballout joined the plot that removed him from his post and the entire Maryland Legislative members are not helping him either as they are  mute and show no support for him or the cause of the people of Maryland County they represent in the Legislature anf whom Rep. Chamer is about .


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  1. By just the account of this article, without hearing from other parties or the legislators from the county, and holding the assumption that the story in this article is true, I find it very hard to understand and even will be angry as to why the legislators will not join and support Rep. Chambers in pursuing better economic and financial benefits for the citizens and the county and holding accountable the company that is utilizing the labor resource of the employees and the natural resources of the county. This is a serious matter affecting our people, but in the interest of fair play and balanced view, all concerned parties need to be heard from for their version.


  2. This is a clear sign that the County needs to “call it’s house to order”. It is said that “…the house that is divided can not stand.” The needs of the People of that county are too great for there to be this kind of pulling-n-hauling. The people have just gone pass the period of great suffering on account of the war. Now it’s the time to restore to them, that which they have gone long without. We should accept nothing short of this.


  3. If a company is not qualified to fund a concession agreement, why in the world will our government allowed it to operate?

    There is something wrong with us, and


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