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CDC Former Sec. Gen, Eugene Nagbe is Officially A Unity Party Member, Heads New Management Team of UP Campaign

The former Secretary General of Liberia’s opposition political party, Congress for Democratic Change, (CDC), appeared on RadioLIB, Liberian internet radio station yesterday and was confronted by a caller who pressed him that he was a member of the ruling Unity Party,  he denied the claim but said he supports President Sirleaf second term bid in the October elections.

But the appointment of the former CDC Secretary General to head the Unity Party’s New Management Team,(NMT) a campaign committee of the new campaign team set up to lead the party to the October 2011 elections headed by President Pro Temp, Senator Cletus Wotorson and assisted by embattled corruption auditee and controversial Minister of Gender, Varbah Gayflor.

Mr. Nagbe, a former Minister of Post and Telecommunication in National Transitional Government of Judy Bryant representing the National Patriotic Party but joined the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, a party of his friend and former confidant, football legend, George Weah  few weeks to that  party convention and became its Secretary General and going on after to being a power broker in the party and very closed associates to the party’s former leader, Amb. George Weah. He fell out with his part, y resigned his post  and left the party asserting the party has been taken  over  by hardliners and it was no longer productive to still be a member of the party they all founded after hardliners have  hijacked  it.

Mr. Nagbe breakaway from the CDC  came after then party leader, soccer legend George Weah and others in the party reneged on a merger agreement reached between his party and the Liberty Party of  Cllr. Charles Brumskine.

Eugene Nagbe first came to prominence when he served as Special Assistant to former  notorious Police Director  Joe Tate in the Charles Taylor government. After the death of Director Tate, Mr. Nagbe became Special Assistant  to Moses Blah, Vice President of Taylor until the 2003 civil war in Liberia.

CDC supporters and observers on the other hand accuse the former Secretary General as an opportunist without character who will do anything for money and should be the last person to assert that hardliners have taken over the party and he sees no reason to remain a CDC member because he singled handily ran the party but the members have to stand up against him and say enough is enough to block the merger between the party and Liberty Party because it was not in the interest of the party. They accused Mr. Nagbe of attempting to sell the party on several occasions to the ruling Unity Party but his plot was thwarted on several occasions.



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