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Iman Convicted of Rape, Says He Has No Regret: 14 -Year Old was His Girlfriend

An Iman in his 60s, Momo Forley was last Tuesday convicted of  rape by the Criminal Court E in Monrovia, Liberia for raping a 14-year-old girl. After the guilty verdict was handed down, Iman Momo Forley said he has “no regret” because the 14-year-old was “his girlfriend” and was prosecuted wrongfully by the state. Iman Forley told reporters after the verdict, no regrets because she was my fiancée. Her family only wanted to damage my character; but I leave them with Almighty Allah who will reward them one day”. Iman Forley concluded by saying, “I’m prepare to serve any punishment”.

Iman Momo Forley who resides in Clara Town was indicted  for rape for sexually abusing  a 14-year-old girl by the state in 2009 but  claimed  she was his girlfriend. The Iman was expected to be sentenced today at the Criminal Court E” in Monrovia at the Temple of Justice.

The jurors said they were convinced with the evidence argued in court by state prosecutors to convict the defendant of rape.

Prosecution Lawyer for the state, Cllr. Amara Sheriff,  told the media ” this guilty verdict was the beginning for persons indicted for rape”.



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