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Prez Sirleaf’s Campaign Hits Major Glitch, Bishop Daniels Withdrawn

Fresh from her visit to the United States, where she served as Keynote Speaker of Harvard University commencement and received an honorary doctorate, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  set up her

 campaign  team for the 2011 election scheduled for October. The President Pro temp of the Liberian Senate,  Senator Cletus Wotorson was appointed to head the her campaign assisted by controversial and embattled corruption-auditee Gender Minister, Varbah Gayflor. The President entire campaign team consist of senior government officials, something which did not go down well with the Liberian people and opposition political parties.

Since the composition of the President campaign team, a massive and persistent uproar have characterized the  President’s wisdom and rational for  the decision to appoint public officials on ber campaign team, concerned that those public officials would use public resources and their power to promote the President’s campaign thereby creating an uneven playing field at the disadvantage to the Liberian people because the election will be plagued with  practices  which would threaten democracy and erode the political progress and growth the country now enjoys. 

As the unabated criticism of the President continues to hunt her campaign team, the most embarrassing and the envitable finally came crushing in when she withdrew Bishop David R Daniel of the AME Church and President of AME University who is also President of the Liberian Council of Churches, a non partisan and non governmental organization, a body of Liberian churches.

Bishop Daniels recall by the President from her campaign team is the second in less than two weeks after she withdrew Emmanuel Shaw as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Liberia Aviation Authority after a public backlash and outcry, frowning on her decision to appointment Mr. Shaw who is on the U N travel banned list for violating the U N Arms Embargo on Liberia  during  the civil war  whom Liberians believed  to have  exploited their country. President Sirleaf and Bishop Daniels have been criticized for including a clergyman on her campaign team while the Bishop is being considered an embarrassment for allowing himself and the church and the religious organizations he heads to be dragged into public ridicule, something very seldom and unconventional in Liberia as religious leaders are regarded by society as stabilizing force if all hell broke loose and  society can find no answer nowhere else . The public   why the AME Bishop didn’t decline his inclusion on the President’s campaign team knowing the critical role the  Liberian society places on religious leaders and churches to be impartial of partisan politics.

President Sirleaf campaign team has suffered a major setback and severely demoralizes her campaign for re-election, adding more burden  to her campaign that is heading for tough waters considering the burden of corruption and alleged corupt officials on her campaign team she has to contend with.

Withdrawing the appointments less than two weeks after public outcry leaves more questions than answers about the President’s wisdom in making decisions and the puzzle that the President and her team are yet to catch up with society because they are far ahead of the President and her government in thinking and development this  is why her flip-flop  trademark of  decision making style is worrisome with many concluding her ability to lead the country for another six more years is perplexing and deserves serious re-thinking as the country goes to the polls in October.

Bishop Daniels is being pressed to resign his position at the Liberia Council of Churches for compromising that religious body impartial partisan nature and exposing it to public ridicule with the Christian Media Center leading the call by demanding the impeachment of the Bishop.

A release from the President campaign said Bishop Daniels was included on her campaign team to use his influence to lure votes from the church and christian community.


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