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CDC-USA to Impeach Chairman Alfred Jardia Sunday

Two weeks After this entity reported that the Chairman of CDC-USA, Mr. Alfred Jardia of  Liberia’s opposition political party United States chapter  accepted  a position in the Unity Party government as Human Resource Director at the Ministry of Education, reaction coming from the party was  a resounding repudiation of the story. They insisted the story was unfounded while others placed

 private calls to register their disappointment that this institution had gambled  its professional reputation to report a story whose substance derived from imagination rather than facts and evidence. We did  not backdown from our original story nor did we water down the publication as was reported.

In a twist, two weeks later, the United States chapter of the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC-USA, is bowing to our original publication, the party will on Sunday, June 12, 2011 convene a mass teleconference to impeach its Chairman, Mr. Alfred Jardia as head of their organization for accepting  a job in the ruling Unity Party government. 

Mr. Jardia for his part, informed his party that the Human Resource Director job he accepted in the Unity Party government  is a United Nations position and not a job the government of Liberia. The CDC-USA chairman fate has already been decided and it is  a well known fact among members that come Sunday meeting,  it be will  a showcase because a consensus of conscious has been reached and there is nothing Mr. Jardia can do to save himself.

The CDC-USA Chairman, narrowly escaped impeachment late Wednesday night during an emergency teleconference called to deliberate on  the Chairman’s  fate after the party had corroborated the story and found it substantive but it was deferred to this Sunday on grounds that the meeting did not meet  quorum and if they had removed him, Mr. Jardia could had invoked the constitution of the party for lack of quorum.

As the party poised for Sunday meeting, assumption and  probabilities are emerging with the inner doubt that Mr. Jardia could maneuver and outsmart the party by ensuring the meeting does not  reach a quorum to effect his impeachment. On the other hand, there is another concern that is more serious which could create a circus in the party on the backdrop that the party’s decision fails legal and constitutional test both in Liberia and the United States on grounds that it is no crime or violation of the two countries constitutions and laws for one party member to accept a job within a government of his own country led by another party. Pundits believe if CDC-USA impeach their chairman for accepting a job in the government of his own country, their impeachment will be unlawful and unconstitutional both in the United States and Liberia. They say it is no crime for an opposition leader or member to take a job in government led by an opposing party. They stressed, if the party carries on the impeachment, the best route the CDC-USA Chairman could take is to challenge the impeachment in court and he will prevail because the party’s action will not pass judicial review.

 The CDC-USA Chairman went to Liberia to attend the CDC national convention last May but he joined the Unity Party led government  by taking up the appointment as Human Resource Director at the Ministry of Education. According to information from  the party,  Mr. Jardia was one of the many party members who were frustrated over the decision of the party former Standard Bearer,  Amb. George Weah for passing over the torch of Standard Bearer of the party to Cllr. Winston Tubman at the convention, which made Cllr. Tubman the party candidate in the forthcoming elections rather than Cllr. Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party with whom the party had signed a merger  which they beleive could yeild more productivity than Cllr. Tubman Standard Bearership..

The CDC-USA Chairman will be impeached Sunday and according to the constitution, the Vice chairman for administration of the party will ascend to the chairmanship in keeping the clause of succession and ascendency because it is second in line to the party leadership after which the new Chairman will be installed in Florida by June 25, 2011  by the party’s Standard Bearer, Cllr. Winston Tubman when the party join their former Standard Bearer, Amb. George Weah graduation celebrations who is graduating  from Devry Univeristy.  Cllr. Winston Tubman, the party new  Standard Bearer will lead a  delegation to Mr. Weah’s graduation and celebrations comprising of the national Secretary General, Acarous Gray, Vice President for Administration, Budu Wilson, among others.


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