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CDC-USA Chairman Begs to Stay On, But Given 7 Days to Resign or Face Expulsion: Ordered to Restitute Party’s Money

The United States chapter  of  the congress for Democratic Change, CDC-USA, Liberia’s leading opposition party last night held its much-anticipated teleconference to decide the fate of its Chairman Mr. Alfred Jardia who according to reports traveled to Liberia last month to attend the party national convention but joined the Unity Party led government without consultation of his institution after the convention.

At a very packed teleconference last night, the CDC-USA  members said they were very appalled that their Chairman, Mr. Alfred Jardia would traveled to Liberia at the expense of the party United States chapter to attend official business of the national party(CDC-Liberia), most significantly, the party’s national convention, that he would disappointingly  choose to misuse the official business of the party to lobby for job from the ruling Unity Party government and subsequently accept employment as Director of Human Resource at the Ministry of Education in Liberia without  consulting or acknowledging the national party in Liberia or CDC-USA .

Mr Jardia who was on the teleconference from Liberia, was grilled harshly for his action and for what the party described as his failure to come back to give a comprehensive report of the official business he was sent to conduct or  at least brief them from Liberia.

During the deliberations, unfortunately,  of  about the  twenty-seven CDC-USA members on the conference, only four persons were sympathetic to Mr. Jardia but all other members on the call were very furious and wanted immediate action to remove their Chairman whom they said has lost their confidence  and deserves to be removed from his post.

Leading the removal of  Mr. Jardia as Chairman, was party stalwart and wife of former Chairman Dr. Matthew Nimpson, Mrs. Veronica Nimpson who suggested Mr. Jardia be given forty eight hours to report to the United States and give a comprehensive report and  explanation about  his employment within the Unity Party led government or be removed.

But after several suggestions and strong fighting by the few sympathizers of Mr. Jardia, the party resolved to give their Chairman seven days to resign or be expelled and refund  the cost of his two trips to Liberia underwritten by the party.

Pleading on his on behalf, the CDC-USA Chairman pleaded with his party to give him one month to report to the United States at which time he would  give a comprehensive report of his trip and  clear explanation about his employment with the Liberian government.

Mr. Jardia told the teleconference   that he is actually holding  dual positions in the Liberian government, as Human Resource Director at Education and at the same time undergoing a three-month training with the World Bank as Financial Consultant and upon the completion of his training, he will then be fully employed with the World Bank at which time he would  leave the position at the Ministry of Education.

Despite the CDC-USA Chairman’s plead to save his post, it all felled on deaf-ears as his party  members were so furious and   not ready to reason with his case but resolved to give him a seven-day ultimatum to save himself the embarrassment by tendering his resignation by 12:00 pm midnight on June 19, 2011 or face expulsion. The party also demands that Mr. Jardia refund the money the party put up to underwrite his two trips to Liberia.





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