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Minister Ngafuan, One Time Drum Major of Social Justice Turned Betrayal: A Commentary

  Minister Augustine Kephe Ngafuan, Minister of Finance of Liberia, another yesterday drum major of  social justice and societal morals is today defender of injustice and social inequity. It is sickening in the  stomach to have heard Ngafuan had the guts to publicly defend the social inequity and conflict of interest of the make up of Ellen’s re-election campaign team.

Though the President  could not  had broken no law but it is a matter of equity, conflict of interest, and the inevitable abused of power and public resources  to come and  wrongly diverting public resources to a personal campaign of the president.  How can the powerful public officials on the president’s team separate themselves from their public authorities and resources from that of the President’s campaign. For instance, the Internal Affairs Minister oversees all fifteen counties and statutory districts, he will use his power to coerce local officials, including Superintendents,  City Mayors,Commissioners, Chiefs, etc to use intimidation against opposition to the President.

Will Ngafuan and all those public officials use their personal resources or the party resources on the campaign trail?  We know for fact all those on the President’s campaign except for  one or two persons were indigent before the 2005 elections  including the President because according to her 2005 NEC’s declaration of assert disclosure form, the only significant assert she had was the 250 thousand united dollars she was paid as head of the Good Governance Commissioner which she received over the span of her tenure. So, where Mr. Ngafuan, a private citizen, not Minister of Finance, will get the personal resources from to run the president’s campaign.

Few years ago he was indigent, what wealth has he built from  his personal resources earned outside of government. Let Mr. Ngafuan show the Liberian people the  business entity he built without resources from public sector. The cars  and resources he will use to campaign for the president, where  will he get them from Mr?  Ngafuan has betrayed his generation and is becoming an embarrassment for what he was and stood for. We will watch and see as the campaign takes off, if anyone except the President and Vice President uses public resources during the president’s campaign, that includes, government car, gas, and all other public resources, must be taken to court. The Unity Party and president have no right to divert public resources for her personal campaign.

Liberians, including the vibrant civil society will watch for abuse of power and public resources by the Ellen campaign team.  If this campaign team of the President were the make-up of  Charles Taylor or Doe, Koffi Woods, Ellen, and Ngafuan would have burst open their heads off shouting and condemning the president’s campaign team telling the Liberian people the sky is falling in and the country was headed for extinction. But now it is them today inflicting social injustice, inequity, societal immorality,  all is well, the Liberian people should clap and hail them.

How inconsistent have yesterday drum majors of social justice, including Ellen, Koffi Woods, and Ngafuan etc have turned to become today’s oppressors social justice and unfair economic distribution of the nation’s wealth now exclusively in the hands of the few likes of Ngafuan depriving his own people who once butter his bread on his way up.

Does Ngafuan forgot about his picture standing at the podium at the Unity Conference Center during the “All Conference” during the Taylor regime when he opened up his head and dissipated out his intestines lambasting Taylor and the NPP government for eroding social justice and equity? If he forgot now that he is in power and the tides have turned his side, we have not forgotten because all put our lives on the line then as many of us like Ngafuan had the guts to speak truth to power then.

And I know Senator Jewel Howard Taylor still remembers that image because she was there beside her husband when Taylor was grilled by youths and she saw how angry frustrated he was, especially of most embarrassing episode for Taylor was a high senior school student from Muslim Congress who challenged Taylor that he had political prisoners in jailed in his government but Taylor denied her claim and called the conference to recess and immediately called for then Police Director Joe Tate and before us ordered him to accompanied  that student and other youths at the conference to inspect whether he had political prisoners in jail.

After some hours , Joe Tate returned at the conference and told Taylor his findings, Taylor reconvened the conference and told us including Ngafuan that everything we were saying was a lie and putting emphasis on the Muslim High School challenged him  that was lying about her assertion because the findings vindicated, there was no political prisoner in jail except on person.

Just after Taylor thought he had saved himself and embarrassed us, the Muslim Congress student, a female, stood immediately and said Mr. President, once one political prisoner is in jail, indeed I am right there are political prisoners in jail in your government. It does not matter the number but the verification prove me right. Taylor frustratingly and seeing his face turned like a mad dog, he reclined backwards worryingly and began to whisper in Jewel ears.

Taylors was extremely angry. It is so very disappointing, to see another young Liberian who was in the trenches in the cause of social justice  so fiercely, could become so corp-ted that Ngafuan and others have traded their roots and cause for power, wealth and ambition for more power, the very things they have stood against if not worst things  such that it does not matter any more.

It is disgusting that young people the like of the Liberian Finance Minister, Augustine  Kpehe Ngafuan, a once fierce student leader and his likes who Liberia is dependent upon to thrust it forward considering the century old plague of social injustice and inequity would choose to back stab their country at this critical juncture for the fight for  soul of the country to satisfy their personal egos and master at the detriment of the broader national interest of their country.

J.  K- K. Peah


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