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Prez Sirleaf is Willful Partner of Corruption, Says Cllr. Brumbskine: Questions President’s Sanity

The Standard Bearer of the opposition Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles Brumskine  says President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  is a willful partner in the unprecedented corruption that has taken over the country and plunging  it into more misery despite the vast support and wealth.

The Liberty Party Standard Bearer  on a conference call organized by a United States based group called, SMART last Sunday,  said the failure of the President to reign in officials of her government  accused of corruption is troubling but she instead recycles them to another positions while she  does nothing about the alleged crimes they have been accused.

Giving a specific case study, the Liberty Party Presidential candidate  wondered how can  President Sirleaf reconcile her former Public Works Minister’s corrupt act when he accounted for spendingUS$1.5 million on the construction of the Jallah town road and six months after, the road sinks in but after grilling of the Minister and public outcry,  she re-appoints him as Adviser to her office  and leaves his action without launching an inquiry into how the Liberian taxpayers funds were used and the poor quality of the Jallah town road construction.

Cllr. Brumbskine who hopes to succeed the President if elected President in October, said he is baffled over the many flip-flop decisions she has made and continues to make  and her justifications for those decisions especially her recent justification for withdrawing the Shaw appointment,  telling  the Liberian people she was withdrawing the former minister’s appointment because she did not know he was on the United Nations travel ban list for violating the UN arms embargo on Liberia then, for helping to funnel arms to the Charles Taylor regime.

Cllr Brumbskine told the gathering that those kinds of decisions give him cause to question the President’s sanity and wonders whether age is not a central cause in the President’s misguided and incoherent decision-making, emphasizing  Liberians must take a good look at President’s poor judgement and reign it with the old age factor because if age is becoming a factor for the President to effectively run the country, the October election should produce a government without Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  as the President.

The Liberty Party Standard Bearer revealed his plan for Liberia and said it is not more different from his platform of 2005 when he contested for the Presidency but said Liberians did not listen then. The Presidential hopeful said, he will focus on reconciliation, agriculture and the upgrading of the rural agriculture sector which bears substantial portion of the Liberian economy, education and lot more.

Cllr Brumbskine is also calling for the review of the Liberian flag and other national symbols, histories and historical artifacts to reflect the true image of who we are as a people and country and to not live in the shadow of others which is no reflection of who we really are as a people and country.


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