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Prez Sirleaf Might Likely Not Survive 1st Round, In’tl Community Concedes

As Liberia election whines down to the wire to October, the  election dynamics are rapidly changing by the true nature of politics and election being fluid  which expand and contrast on a moment to

moment  basis with the return of  the Congress for Democratic Change’s Vice Standard Bearer, Ambassador George Weah to Liberia after acquiring his college degree from Devry University in the United States last month.

Ambassador Weah arrived in Liberia last Friday along with the party’s Standard Bearer, Cllr. Winston Tubman to a heroic welcome by thousands of Liberians who  lined the routes from the Roberts International  Airport  to the streets of Monrovia bringing the entire city to a virtual standstill shouting down commercial activities.  Liberians interviewed  described the shouting down as citizen- declared “the people’s self-declared holiday” to pay  their tribute and respect to Liberia’s favorite son George Oppong Weah for his achievement for the courage to go back to school and at last earned his college degree, a drawback  they believed robbed him of the 2005 election.

Weah’s arrival and heroic welcome by thousands of Liberians and the complete paralysis of business activities in the capital last Friday sent surprised thunderous-shock wave to the international community cornering them to re-assess their perception of the October’s election from their previous position of wavering anticipation of a fifty-fifty chance  that President Sirleaf could be re-elected or  an opposition party could win the election but in a second round, to conceding after the arrival of the  CDC’s Vice

Standard Bearer and  surprised shout down of Monrovia to conclude that from the huge turnout, President Sirleaf and the Unity Party might likely not survive the first round of the election but Weah and the CDC ticket could sweep the elections in the first round or  President Sirleaf and the Unity Party could not even find themselves in the second round if the election goes for a round-off; instead two opposition parties, CDC and Liberty Party or Prince Johnson’s NUDP.

According to some high profile stakeholders of the international community who asked for anonymity say they were shocked  by the huge  and heroic welcome Liberians accorded George Weah’s return literally shouting down   Monrovia and paralyzing business activities convincing them that despite all the CDC had  gone through giving the impression the party was  written off in the coming election, the surprised re-insurgence  of the enthusiasm of the CDC to its 2005 election mode which they never anticipated and factoring how  unpopular  the President and her party are,  leave them to concede that the President and her Unity Party might likely not survive the first round of the October 2011 elections.

Our Sources told this entity that other factors silently circulating the private discussions in the international community circles  which leave them to the  conclusion the President might likely not survive the first round is the  baggage of corruption and the ghost of the let-go of  her Auditor General, John Morlu from his post, the lone general who was on the frontline fighting corruption  for the very good of  government and legacy of the President with the overall national good of the country but  was relieved him of his post because of his commitment not to submit to  the success and clean bill of health  of corruption looming  in the government.

Other factor, according to our sources  which guides their conclusion is the  diffusion and erosion of the tramp card  the President exclusively once enjoyed and hoped she could use again in 2011, is  the label of  being the only respectable candidate the international community can trust and walk with because she worked with the United nations and other international institutions and a Harvard graduate which worked in 2005 which  delivered her the election but  can no longer hold water in her favor  this time with the CDC piercing that very tramp card by electing Cllr. Winston Tubman as their Standard Bearer,  who too, worked for the United Nations and a graduate of the prestigious  Harvard law school of Harvard University like President Obama of the United States. Winston Tubman worked as Special Representative of the United Nations in Somalia for many years.

Observers believe that George Weah’s heroic welcome and the huge turnout of Liberians have resuscitated life again in a once bewildered CDC which  had gone through so much, most of which were self-inflicting to a refreshing and robust party ready this time to sweep the election while constantly being guided of the mistakes of 2005 election when they celebrated victory before all was over but to leave no stone unturned until the last vote is counted, an imperative to secure the occupancy of the  Executive Mansion in 2012.

President Sirleaf for her part, was out of the capital to witness the CDC’s triumphed return to Liberia with his college degree to a heroic welcome as she was in Margibi County to dedicate a bridge. According to information obtained from sources from the Executive Mansion, the President was advised to leave Monrovia for her dedication program before 2:00 pm Friday before George Weah arrive in the country because if she didn’t, she would stocked in the huge sea of human  traffic  of Liberians turning out in the thousands to welcome back home the CDC’s Vice Standard Bearer.


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