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President Sirleaf Booed on Campaign Stump

Residents of Jallah town in Monrovia on Tuesday evening booed  President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  when she visited the area  on a campaign stump. The President visited the Jallah town area late Tuesday

evening, she donated bags of rice and made a contribution of $LD40,000.00 to the community.

Despite the President’s generosity to the community, the residents booed her while chanting “George Weah gives the old ma pressure” (Pressure” is a new African music hit”). Our correspondent in Monrovia  who witnessed the episode and spoke  with some of the residents said ” where was the President all this time when hunger was killing us, it is now campaign time that she has to bring rice and money to buy our votes”?

The residents vowed to vote President Sirleaf out power comes October because according to them, he renegade on her 2005 campaign and inaugural promises, including fighting corruption as she labelled it “public enemy number one”. Regrettably, she fooled us, as soon she got in power, she somersaulted, and re-labelled corruption from ” public enemy one”  to  “government friend number one”.

“We will teach her the first lesson, we will vote “no” the August 23 Referendum; that will signal to her we will  kick  her out in October. We can not legitimize corruption as she is doing by re-electing her”, another resident remarked.”The election will be a one round thing, we will kick her out in the first round of the election, no second round”, another resident told our correspondent on the scene.

The political climate in Liberia has taken an astonishing new turn since George Weah return  to the country last Friday with  his college degree he obtained from Devry University in the United States. Our correspondent reports, the country is in high campaign spirit and Weah return fundamentally changed the political climate such that it is a shock, energizing the CDC and opposition with no one anticipating  the  huge enthusiasm ‘s return has generated in the opposition and   the Winston-Weah ticket.

It will have to take the intervention of some superficial event, observers and pundits believe,  before President Sirleaf and her Unity Party can win the October elections. The ruling party and the President will have to convene serious and several strategy meetings, going back to the drawing board to respond to  the unexpected trend rapidly creating unbreakable firewall to her re-election bid. Like in the words of one her senior public officials, “we were just laying back thinking the election was over, we had already won the election, doing nothing,  until this Weah return swept us by surprise”.







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