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Elite vs Grassroot Tension in CDC On the Brinks, Tubman To Be Kicked Out as Standard Bearer

What started early Saturday morning as unconfirmed reports by news outlets, has come to surface and blown the cover of a very serious tension taking over one of  Liberia’s opposition parties, Congress for the Democratic Change, CDC and the true and clear picture of what is obtaining in that institution has spilled over to the public.

According to the original story exposing the tension in the CDC, it was reported that the Executive Committee of the party has rejected the request by its Standard and Vice Standard Bearers demanding that the party Chairman and Secretary General, Geraldine Doe-Sherif and Acarous Gray reign their respective positions to avoid conflict of interest and inefficiency in the campaign and party in a crucial election like this kind  but the those Executives refused and rejected the request and threatened action against their Standard and Vice Standard Bearers with suspension, adding their names might not be sent to the National Election Commission, NEC to be officially declared the party’s candidates for President and Vice President respectively.

An investigation launched by this institution to grasp the full and clear picture of what is unfolding in the CDC uncovered the nerve and epic center of the conflict engulfing the party. According to several party higher-ups contacted and some ordinary partisans’ versions of the conflict, Cllr. Winston Tubman, the party Standard Bearer has lured George Weah with the intent to execute a coup’ d  ‘tat by removing the party Chairman, Geraldine Doe -Sherif and Secretary General, Acarous Gray from their respective positions for Tubman to bring in his elite attachments to run the affairs of the party, thereby leaving no space in the party for the grassroot to have  a voice  in their own institution though the party is a grassroot institution and has all along been supported by the grassroot and a symbol of the common people.

Cllr. Tubman plan, according to the several sources in the party we contacted, is to remove  their Chairman  and Secretary General, Geraldine Doe-Sherif and Acarous from their positions and bring his élite to perfect his goal for the élite to wallop the CDC because he sees the two party executives as the firewall to his scheme. “Geraldine and Acarous are the last line of defense for the grassroot and under no condition will we sit back and see Tubman over run our party whose birth and well-being he has no clue about before being accommodated just two months ago by George Weah, one party higher-up told our investigation.

Geraldine Doe-Sherif  and Acarous ” represent us, we the common people”, says one partisan, and we stand by them. “We have drawn line in the sand, we stand by Geraldine and Acarous and the Executive Committee, we will resist Tubman’s coup to over run our party with elites”.

Other partisans say they are happy Tubman  has shown his true intention this soon, “what would had happened if Tubman had played low-key and when ascended to  Presidency, then his true intention comes  out, what catastrophe that would be?”.

Late Saturday night the eleven- man executive committee of the party issued a press release rejecting their Standard and Vice Standard Bearers request that the Chairman and Secretary General reign and re-affirm their faith in the two officials and expressed consensus of support in the Legislative candidates on the committee contesting the election. The committee called on their Standard and Vice Standard Bearers to sit with the committee and partisans  to settle their differences.

The partisans have already told Tubman and Weah if  both leaders insist on their trend, their names won’t be sent to the National Election Commission to be officially certified as the party’s  Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates respectively for the October elections, according our investigation findings.

The party on the other hand has fashioned strategies to deal with evil intent, our investigation has gathered,  the next step as the crisis continues to loom to prevent Tubman’s coup. One of the strategies being considered is to line the Legislative candidate  roster with grassroot candidates that will prevent Tubman from over running the party when he becomes President. The Legislature will then streamline all Tubman appointments but that strategy is remote because the damage would had done because Tubman would have had power and freed from the politics and laws of the party but instead would be enjoying Presidential and state powers and protected by the constitution and laws of Liberia. He would then do whatever he wants to do whether the party likes it or not and  if the party complains he  leave and join another party because he is notoriously known to be a nomadic politician who migrates from one political party to the next in no space of time.

“He has no commitment to any political party but his personal ambition to become President of Liberia. With such a trait Tubman can not be trusted and CDC can not trust him, he does not hold the values of the party at heart but only using it as a vehicle to get his dream job, the Presidency of Liberia”, our sources told conveyed to us.

Other option  being considered and  on the front burner is  to use the coming convention where Legislative candidates are to be elected to remove Tubman as the Standard Bearer of the party since their names have not yet being forwarded to the National Election Commission. The partisans say the June 25 convention held in Kakata, Margibi County as far as they are concerned, is unofficial because it was held outside  the official guidelines of the National Election Commission  which sets campaigning to July 5th and nominations of all candidates and convention to July 15-August 20.

One higher up of the party said,” I really don’t know how Weah came to the idea of  Winston Tubman becoming Standard Bearer of the party, when there was a consensus that a grassroot would be the Standard Bearer and discussion was ongoing with the grassroot Liberian but when Weah got to Liberia  few days later, he unilaterally pulled Winston Tubman into the Standard Bearership contrary to the consensus without consulting those partisans that were involved in the negotiations”.

The partisans CDC believes the elite infiltrated the party through one George Solo, a former PRC member who was closed to the late President Doe.  George Solo used his connection he had with the former President which gave him access to Weah,  to get to the CDC former Standard Bearer who too was closed to Doe as the star player on the Lone Star football team. George Solo the partisans  say, is a grassroot who sees himself as an elite and the elites use his connection with them because his daughter has two children by A B Tolbert.

“The elites are using George Weah to over run our party and take over, they had this long term strategy to come back to power and found a loophole through George Weah but we will abort their plan”, a partisan told our investigation.


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