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Winston Tubman Broke, Can’t Put Up Funds for Campaign, Uses “Divide and Rule” to Hang on to Standard Bearership

As Liberia’s leading opposition party, Congress for Democratic, CDC,  wrangling intensifies and no end in sight, another bombshell has surfaced, senior partisans of the party say they are pressed to   take the gene out of the bottle, the big elephant in the room in the midst of the ongoing conflict and what is at the center of the conflict eating up the party chances of unseating the Unity Party and President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Speaking to our reporter last night, several senior partisans and  executives of the party narrated that  the  cancer has taking over the soul of their party putting it  on a collision course  is the party’s  Standard Bearer Cllr. Winston Tubman. The senior executive and partisans say, their Standard Bearer is breeding confusion in the party by putting party officials  at logger head with the broader institution on one hand and   his office and the Vice Standard on the other hand because Cllr. Tubman deception to the party has caught up with him and is using “divide and rule” to hang on to the Standard Bearership  after the party realized  he is broke and does not have the funds or capacity to put up the funds for the campaign, a dying and embarrassing  strangulation  the campaign is presently stuck because no funds is available up to present and no indication he can put up  the  funding for the campaign.

Coming to grasp with the reality that the CDC Standard Bearer does not have the funds  neither does he have the capacity to raise the funding for the campaign, the party engaged a prominent Liberian asking that Liberian to rescue the party from such an embarrassing situation and progress was being made but the Standard Bearer fearing that the party could let him loose  and possibly replace him with that prominent Liberian, he put off a stink to clinch to the standard bearership by using divide and rule tactics, lying on the very prominent Liberian they were in negotiation with  that that would-be financier asked  the party Chairman and Secretary General, Geraldine Doe-Sherif and Acarous Gray   resign their positions, giving the impression that it was the caveat upon which that Liberian could provide the funds for the campaign.

But after contact with the would-be financier, the executives of the party said it was discovered that their Standard Bearer is misleading  the party and in fact that would-be financier had not had contact with cllr. Tubman or has his telephone number. The Standard Bearer chose to use the Chairman and Secretary General resignation to manufacture a sting against these two executives because they were instrumental to sneak him through to the nomination along with George Weah and sees them as threats to him staying on as Standard Bearer because now they know he misled them when  assured them he could put up campaign funding and it turn out be  the opposite and  fearing they could  lead an effort to remove and  replace him.

“From the grave conflict Cllr. Tubman has starred up in the party putting its chances of winning the election this October in limbo, what he has all along imagined is now an inevitable  probability, Cllr. Tubman will be removed from the Standard Bearership , he has turned out to be a cancer in the party, a party executive told our correspondent. The party already had problem with Cllr. Tubman becoming the Standard Bearer and finds it hard to embrace him as one of our own but  we were swallowing his Standard Bearership as a bitter pill for the sake of the viability of the party; but see what he is doing in the party”, a partisan said.

“We are prepared to wait six more years but we will not compromise the values and brand of the CDC, it is a grassroot party and a refuge and voice for the common people and under no condition will elites dilute the brand we are as an institution anchoring the common people in the representation of the body politics of Liberia and quest to obtain state power”, a senior executive of the party told the New Dispensation. We can then groom  new political leaders that will lead the party in 2017, senior executive lamented, it is unfortunate that Liberia is at a transition, a critical juncture for a new generation to take over political leadership but unfortunately the wrong people are at the center of this transition who do not understand the implications and dynamics of what is at stake,one senior partisan explained his frustration.

Partisans and executives are blaming George Weah for the crisis in the CDC by forcing Cllr. Winston Tubman from nowhere on the party as Standard Bearer and is now in partnership with him in his scheme. One senior partisan said we told some relatives and friends of George Weah to advise him that when it comes to football, it is his place and no one can dispute that but transitioning to politics is a whole new ball game, and it is  place, he has to be careful. He can not see himself as invisible, it is the people’s power  that gives him the cloud he enjoys and if he doesn’t get sober and put himself in order, the people  will take away their power and he will be just another loser. We can not continue to see Weah starring the affairs and well-being of this generation and people like a drunken sailor into destruction, we worked too hard to built this people’s moment, we can replace him with another grassroot for the survival  of  the party.

Other shocking scenario being contemplated if the conflict does not resolved, party executives and partisans say will be to submit only Legislative candidates to National Elections Commission as candidates contesting in the 2011 elections leaving out the Standard and Vice Standard Bearerships.” We might not have candidates on the ballot  for President and Vice President. George Weah must be taught a hard lesson that he is not indispensable and not the party or above the party but the CDC is an institution whose very functionaries and laws that take precedence and the party is a movement that belong to a generation and not  to him or Tubman”, one senior executive told the “TND”


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