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Ex-CDC Secretary Eugene Nagbe General Attacked

Information from Monrovia early this morning says the former Secretary General of the opposition party Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, Len Eugene Nagbe was attacked by  mob believed to be from the opposition   party the Congress for Democratic, CDC and his car burned.

According to reports, the former CDC  General Secretary’s  attack was necessitated  he went to a local printing press in Monrovia, the Aljani Printing to print t-shirts with CDC logo with the intent to share it among some Unity Partisans under the disguise that some CDC partisans are in support of the UP Standard Bearer, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  for President in the pending October elections.

Mr. Nagbe plan was exposed when the management of Aljani Printing Press, informed the Civil Affairs Officer at the United Nation Mission in Liberia (UNIMIL) Bonso Mensah about Mr. Nagbe’s plan.

Upon hearing about Mr. Nagbe scheme mob believed to be members from the CDC located their former Secretary General and assaulted him and torched his vehicle.

When partisans of the CDC heard about Mr. Nagbe’s scheme, they got furious and some alleged partisans resulted to mob action, assaulting  him and torching his vehicle.

This is the second time Mr. Nagbe has  been accused printing materials with CDC logo but those materials are in support of the Unity Party. Few months ago Mr. Nagbe deceived some partisans of the CDC  when he put them under the impression that he was returning to his former party and was ready to let bygone be bygone but needed CDC partisans to escort him to the party headquarters where would in turn eventually rejoin the party. But to the utmost surprise f the those CDC partisans, they saw themselves in the mist of some form of scheme at the Monrovia City Hall and the purported escort turned out to be a program to pledge support to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  with placards and banners with the ensigns of CDC and the President. The program immediately resulted into chaos and fighting as soon as the CDC partisans realized they were being dubbed.

It is no excuse for Mr. Nagbe provocation to use opposition ensign in the interest of another party but equally so that does not license the CDC or any body to use violence against Mr. Nagbe for redress. As a responsible political party and one which seeks to provide alternative national leadership for Liberia to replace the ruling Unity Party needs to exercise  tolerance in the face of provocation. In the same token, President Sirleaf and the Unity Party must refrain from provoking the CDC.

Mr. Nagbe has left the CDC and no more a member, why can’t he move on and leave the CDC than to continue to engage in clandestine schemes to provoke the party while ignoring sensitivity of his actions and over all peace and security of the country.

The Unity Party and President Sirleaf should caution their operatives to refrain from actions and behavior that will instigate provocation and derail the peace and security in the country which could also  raise fear and investment confidence could be compromised and the investment s now going on in the country could come to a halt.

The press in Liberia and executives must be mindful of their obligation not be caught between advocacy in place of reporting the news as journalism requires as the New Democrat publisher Tom Kamara did by referring to partisans of the CDC as hooligans.

The Liberians wrong for trying to portray the CDC as hooligans when this institution represents the heart and soul of Liberia. The CDC is the African National Congress of South Africa  as one prominent Liberia described the party, they are they hooligans of Tunisia that launched the Arab awakening, they are the hooligans in Syria, they are the hooligans in Libya who the international community is supporting to oust Africa’ longest serving dictator, Muhammad Gaddafi, they the hooligans in Senegal who recently revolted against the government, they are the hooligans in Kenya and they are the hooligans who marched on the Tienami Square in China.


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