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Referendum Never Meant for Uneducated People, Says NEC’s Chairman Fromayan

The Chairman of the National Election Commission of Liberia, NEC held its first post referendum press conference last evening at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville. Addressing the presss, the chairman the election commission, Mr. James Fromayan said the commission was pleased for the smooth conduct of the national referendum.

Courtesy: AP

Chairman Fromayan thanked the international community, IFES, civic institutions, the press, UNMIL and Liberia National Police for contributing to make the conduct of the referendum a smooth exercise. The NEC head also thanked the people of Liberia for the peaceful environment in which the referendum was conducted   making the work of the security easy.

When reporters asked  about the low turnout and  confusion of the ballot which the voters discovered at the polls and called into radio stations to express their frustration and the difficulty they were experiencing at the polls, chairman Fromayan  confirmed there was error on the ballot but blamed  the error on the company from  the company from which took the contract for printing the ballot.

The commission told the press the commission discovered the error two weeks before the referendum.   The NEC boss informed the press  the commission printed  a disclaimer for voters and said the mistake would not change the result, emphasizing if one can read and he or she could understand the question, said the referendum was never meant for uneducated people.

             Chairman Fromayan also informed the press the low turnout reported which he could not confirm, might have come from the perception that there was nothing  on the  ballot which Liberians  could have seen as beneficiary them which could cause them to go and vote.

When reporters pushed the chairman why his commission did not informed the Liberian about the error and educated them on how to go about voting and avoiding mistake colorable to the mistake the commission gave rambling answer which could  not establish a cohesion between what he was saying and the grave mistake.

Opposition presidential candidate Cllr. Marcus Jones  has accused the National Election Commission of  promoting the ruling Unity Party by inserting the party’s emblem on the ballot. Cllr Jones is calling for the nullification of the entire referendum because it is a fraud.

The NEC coordinator responsible for the conduct of the Election, Amos Korkor is being blamed by the Liberian people  for purposefully masterminding a fraudulent referendum just as he conducted two fraudulent elections in the United States for the Liberian community association, Union of Liberian Association in the Americas (ULAA).

Speaking to some Liberians about impression of  the referendum, they claimed the once the chairmaan of the public in his press briefing said the referendum was never meant for uneducated people, intentionally design the ballot and the referendum to confuse bulk of the Liberian people and deny them their constitutional right to vote. Others  also say by the designing the referendum for certain portion of the population and not for those who the chairman say are “uneducated” is a violation of the constitution and laws of Liberia.

Consistent with the commission chairman, the refrendum is unconstitutional and therefore  be nullified because it discriminated againt certain sector of the population, “uneducated people”, which is the bulk of the population considering the country’s very low literacy rate.

The referendum was characterizewd with deception proen through the commission’s own prouncement that they discovered the error of question of the Chief Justice age being changed from 70 to 75 years old but intead from 75 to 75 years old was placed on the ballot,is cause for the referendum to be nullified  because the commission intentionally and knowingly sent out those error prone ballots  for use in the referendum without informing the Liberian people and educating them about the mistake but only the voters themselves to discover the flaw  at the polls before the commission could come out and for the first inform the public about  the error.



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