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Liberia’s Referendum Defeated: All Propositions Fall Short of Two-Third Majority

Latest data coming from Liberia’s controversial and tension packed referendum  conducted last Tuesday by the National Election Commission is reporting results from 86% of polling stations and the result is not encouraging for the framers of the referendum.

August 23 Referendum Result




Invalid Votes

Total Votes

Polls Reporting

Proposition 1




494079 (27.47 %)

3840 of 4457

Proposition 2




494079 (27.47 %)

3840 of 4457

Proposition 3




494079 (27.47 %)

3840 of 4457

Proposition 4




494079 (27.47 %)

3840 of 4457








According  to  results released so far by the election commission,  from 3,840 polling stations of the 4457 polling stations, representing 86% of the precincts, show  the referendum has been defeated. All of the propositions on the ballot did not pass even though three of the propositions got a “Yes” votes and proposition 2 was  resoundingly defeated but those propositions did not get enough votes to reach the two-third majority (67%) threshold required by the constitution for any of the them to be passed into law.

                          Overall Percentile



Invalid Votes

Poll Reporting

















With 86% of the precincts reporting, leaving an outstanding of 14% precincts left and considering the   insignificant amount of the votes left to make any game change in the result left and voting the voting patterns in the referendum, “The New Dispensation” after analyzing and crunching the data from the  commission,  pronounces and  declares the referendum  defeated, with none of the proposition passed.

                     Overall Turnout



Invalid Votes

Total Turnout

Outstanding Registered Voters













Now that the referendum is defeated, the question now is what next because the result  from the referendum had it passed would had taken immediate effect and had a profound impact on the entire elections.

One of the propositions which could had a very profound effect on the election had it passed,  is proposition 1, the 10 year resident clause which sort to change the  10-year residency clause for  presidential and vice presidential candidates to 5-year residency clause which would meant  any aspirant for president and vice president will have to meet.

The 10-year resident clause has come to be a very crucial issue since the Liberian government sort to change it. Many are saying the residential clause is unconstitutional and illegal which does not provide a definition of what constitutes a  10 year resident in the country.

Others argued,  the 10 year resident clause  applies to non Liberians and not Liberian citizens because under international and immigration laws, a citizen of a country can not be resident in his own country but a foreign national does; allowing a foreign citizen to resident in Liberia for 10 years and after which he or she is qualified to contest in an election for president and vice president of Liberia makes the clause unconstitutional and illegal because it goes against the constitution itself which says only Liberian citizen of natural birth that who can become president and vice president of Liberia.

Now that the referendum is defeated, the Supreme Court of Liberia will be the scene of action as political parties, civic groups, and people could challenge the 10 year resident clause in court.


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