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Election Scare, Nigerian Troops, and Mercernaries: Prez Sirleaf/UP’s Secret Plan to Use Fear and Intimidation in Elections Uncovered

After  an embarrassing defeat of the August 23rd referendum, it seems Liberia’s October elections have entered  treacherous waters, the opposition claimed victory asserting the Liberian electorates agreed with their position on the referendum which they believed was not in the interest of the country but meant to carve to the desire of President Sirleaf and the Unity Party government. Others see the failure of the referendum as a writing on the wall for  President Sirleaf and Unity  Party government in the coming elections.

President Sirleaf

But for the Unity Party and President Sirleaf, they see the failure of the referendum as a disservice to the Liberian nation and people advocated by the opposition parties and has since sparked all sorts of  developments in the political environment and atmosphere.

Of all such developments evolving in Liberia as the country is barely month away from  elections on October 11, 2011, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s revelation  on September 5, 2011 to bring in Nigerian troops into the country during the election period made known to the public while addressing  a female vendor political action group promoting her candidacy, opened a wide window of pandemonium in the political psychics of the country . In her own words, President Sirleaf said ” Your know how the Nigerian soldiers can deal with your Liberian people, I am bringing in Nigerian troops for the election”.

Immediately after  President Sirleaf’s message to her support group, she headed to Nigeria to meet with President Goodluck Johnathan apparently to act on her promise to bring in Nigerian troops for the elections.

The President also met with the controversial Ivorian head of government, Alassan Outtara who recently visited Liberia who himself became a tenant of the Ivorian Presidential Palace by dubious means and way of the back door counter productive to democracy.

Amidst all this movements and developments, the need to further submerge into the surface of the nuances of these developments warrant  further understanding to grasp  the impact it could havoc on the country in this election year.  In pursuit of this objective , an elaborate secret plan to use fear, scare tactics, and intimidation in the elections by President Sirleaf  and Unity Party to play on the psychics of the Liberian voters to force them to reelect her to second term was stumbled upon,  uncovering several disturbing strategies to stiffer and intimidate the Liberian voters.

According to the elaborate plan, President Sirleaf and the Unity Party plan among other strategies are to deploy fear, intimidation, and scare tactics to clot voter’s psychics with fear and intimidation which will coerce them to vote for President Sirleaf and her party. The plan further unveils how and the conduits through which the scare tactics, fear , and intimidation strategies could be deployed to achieve the desired objective of  using fear, scare tactics, and intimidation to re-elect President Sirleaf  and the Unity Party.

The plan documents that when Presidents Sirleaf and Outtara met in closed door, the Ivorian controversial leader agreed  on President Sirleaf’s  plan to allow few gunmen from Liberia to cross into Ivory Coast and carry out some skirmishes into Ivory Coast on the border with Liberia under the disguise as mercenaries coming into Liberia and   that there is an arm insurrection at the border with the motive to implant panic and shatter the physics of the Liberian voters to coerce them into voting for her  for second term.

The second outer layer of the secret plan reveals Nigerian troops from the Nigerian Army will be  deployed to Liberia to create an atmosphere of panic and fear by their presence in Liberia which  will coerce the voters to vote out of fear for President Sirleaf and not their concise and by informed decision in casting their ballots in exercising their democratic right free of intimidation as stipulated by the constitution and laws of Liberia. According to the plan, President Sirleaf’s second outer layer strategy was accepted by the Nigerian President Goodluck Johnathan when she visited him recently in Nigeria.

In an apparent preëmpt attempt to disguise the Nigerian troops deployment in Liberia and cover up any resistance and expose the plan, President Goodluck Jonathan has dispatched a three-man delegation headed by former Nigerian military ruler, General Abdullah Abu Bakar  Salam under the cover of ECOWAS mission in pursuit of providing alternative security apparatus to Liberia for the elections. The three-man delegation are closed friends of President Sirleaf.


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