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Former A G, John Morlu Blasts Unity Party, FrontpageAfrica et Others for Linking Him to Int’l Survey

The former  Auditor General of Liberia, John S. Morlu II has termed it the “dumbest” thing to tie him  to the opposition the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC or any other political party in the upcoming presidential and general elections.

According to FrontpageAfrica, the newspaper said in an email sent to the Editor of FrontPageAfrica, former Auditor General John Morlu accused the newspaper of being in bed with the ruling party and is part and parcel of accusations made  against him a on talk radio Monday by Lenn Eugene Nagbe and Musa Bility, owner of Truth FM and head of the ruling party campaign team for Montserrado County.

The former GAC boss questioned the FrontpageAfrica  news story recently that it uncovered a documentation which is believe is a contract signed between Ambassador George Weah, Vice standard Bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change and Mr. Allan White, a former consultant, an American and  former prosecutor of the Special Tribunal of Sierra Leone which prosecuted Charles Taylor .

In a narration, the former GAC  chief and well respected Liberian statesman said both Mr. Dave Crane  and Alan White were prosecutors who were involve in the prosecution of former Liberian President Charles Taylor for war crimes in the Sierra Leone  Special War Crime Tribunal and  partners in a consulting firm and are internationally respected Americans

Mr. Morlu says “Mr. Crane and White are 30 years veterans of the department of defense, with Crane serving as Inspector General and White as part of the Senior Executive Service. These are not small people. They are decorated Americans, who have made a living investigating war crimes so it made no sense to anyone, internationally or domestically, that they can be people who will plan war in small Liberia for US$130,000. ”

“How do you think the American Embassy will view FPA for writing a story that falsely accused two top level Americans for planning to bring war to Liberia when US has invested millions to ensure peace and stability in Liberia.” The story ruined the Unity Party’s plans “to do wrong in these elections”, Mr. Morlu asserts.

“You and others have strengthened Weah and CDC as now America, ECOWAS, AU, EU, and Committee to Protect Journalists, Human Rights Watch, all know that the media has been accusing Weah and CDC falsely. If UP is behind this as it is now widely accepted, FPA has discredited UP.”, the tough- notch former GAC boss said.

The former Auditor General  communication to FrontpageAfrica comes against the backdrop of  a purported  international assessment survey conducted thee international organizations, namely, the Carter Center, UNDP, and USAID  which found  the opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change far ahead  in the polls of the ruling Unity Party of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  in the  October   elections.

 Carter Center Denies Purported Survey

In a strong reaction to the purported international assessment survey conducted by the Carter Center and other international institutions reported by the African Standard online newspaper Tuesday, the Carter Center said “an opinion poll currently circulating in Liberia by email is being falsely attributed to The Carter Center. We reject such efforts to mislead the public and call on all stakeholders to be vigilant in assessing information about the electoral process. ”

“The Carter Center   as  a nonpartisan and independent organization in Liberia to monitor electoral preparations and the pre-electoral environment and does not conduct opinion polls. All Carter Center statements can be found on our website at http://www.cartercenter.org.”

Musa Bility, a former Chairman of the National Democratic Coalition who switched party allegiance and is now with the member heads the Montserrado County campaign of the ruling Unity Party, accused former Auditor General John Morlu in a call to the “Truth Breakfast Show” on Wednesday of sending  a ‘false email’ to Liberia purportedly coming from a confidential investigation conducted by Carter Center Liberia and  called for the arrest and investigation of Mr. Morlu who is presently back  in the United States after serving his country for four productive years.

“I just called to registered that I have been to all parts of Montserrado county, I was just in rural Montserrado CDC is not doing anything like campaigning. They want to create a situation in the end that they were cheated. ”

“And Morlu who called himself an auditor needs to be arrested and investigated for sending a false email to Liberia claiming to be a Carter Center report. Let Morlu be made to answer questions why he is spreading all this falsehoods around here.”, Mr. Bility told the talk show.

‘No Colin Powell, but…

In his communication to the FrontpageAfrica  on Wednesday,  the former Auditor General said  by  associating him with the opposition, Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, his attackers are giving an instant credibility to CDC or any party as there are “500,000” or more John Morlus that will vote any party John Morlu name is associated with.

“Today, they can like it or not, the name John Morlu is most respected domestically and internationally, with a credibility and trust even surpassing Madam President.”
In complete frustration, Dusty Wollokollie said, “it is only in Liberia where the Auditor General (John Morlu) is more popular than the President.” He said that and he was not lying…”, Mr. Morlu said.

The former Auditor General says he questions  the motive behind some of his critics labeling as key strategist to the CDC and other opposition parties. “It is like saying the most respected and admired Colin Powell is associated with so and so. Anyone Colin Powell’s name is associated with will almost always win, as it will give that person or party credibility. John Morlu is no Colin Powell but there is a parallel situation in Liberia.”

Morlu went on to say that his accusers, including Lenn Eugene Nagbe and  They have run out of ideas and nothing else left, Mr. Morlu lamented of his accusers. “Both Eugene Nagbe and Musa Bility combined,  cannot even reach 1/4 of a John Morlu’s reputation and credibility. What Madam Sirleaf needed was credible people who can stand up and speak and serious people listen. What can a Eugene Nagbe or Musa Bility say to convince anyone?

“This is why that old Madam President is struggling so hard just to campaign because she does not have credible voices in her party, so she has to take all the load for the campaign. I feel for her for her age to be campaigning so hard because she has no credible folks”, Morlu said

“FPA wrote in 2006 that Lenn Eugene Nagbe took bribe and issued 16 telecommunication licenses and Harry Greaves beat him up on FPA for it. I think you remember the back and forth between Eugene Nagbe and Harry Greaves? Yep…that credibility for you”, the former GAC chief recounted.

Mr. Morlu’s email to FrontpageAfrica further to say,  that he always told President Sirleaf that she needed to build a government and a governing party in which individuals stood on their own merits and integrity, ironically, the former Auditor General emphasized,  the president has pampered a governing party where not a single soul has enough credibility to stand on the merit to convince people.
“Why would a sitting President campaign so-so hard just to win an election. It should have been a cake but like the Economist reported recently, her governing party officials “are far from being clean.” Credibility gap…”

The former Auditor General said,  he understands the ruling Unity Party’s frustration with the fact that the opposition including CDC, NUDP, LP, MPC, NDC etc have given them the run for their government generated campaign money. “The fact of the matter is that the UP lacks strategy to assist Madam so they are lying to madam like they lied to Doe etc. A rude awakening will come to them soon…”

In an analogy to President Sirleaf and the Unity Party campaign theme, Mr. Morlu said   “Da Ma Area,” “Money working, Baboon must wait,” and “they want to bring war” to Liberia are not strategies that can win an election. These can be counted easily and that is what I see others in opposition are doing.”

T“they are just scared of my intellectual strength so let continue to bash me while I work in America to cater to my wife and children, okay.”

“Can anyone of these people survive outside of Liberia Government? Ask Eugene Nagbe what he did in America. So Musa Bility with US$5 million debt guarantee by the blessing of the Mansion cannot dare challenge UP because he will be thrown in debtor’s jail.”, Mr. Morlu went on the assert.

“He is broke so he abandoned Dew Mayson and his NDC…Was not Musa Bility the chairman of the NDC before he jumped ship?”

Any way please extend my regards to them and tell them I do appreciate the free publicity for making me Liberia’s Karl Rove or James Carville. They are wasting their breath to think they can castigate me on Musa Bility’s Truth FM. How come New Democrat never mentioned my name in a CDC Cabinet? The GAC boss said in his communication to FrontpageAfrica.

‘Jeffersonian Free Agent’

“I am a FREE AGENT. I am Liberia’s Evil Genius. Well, I am a Jeffersonian Republican and I do not take prisoners … a staunch believer also in the Colin Powell Doctrine and George Washington’s Strategies on how to defeat an enemy. I’m a graduate of the Woodrow Wilson School of Government, the University of Virginia, the Academic Village of Thomas Jefferson. I am sorry ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.”

” It is JOHN MORLU, JOHN MORLU, JOHN MORLU, JOHN MORLU…the Big Ghost in Liberia. I do not have Madam President. I wrote the proposal for her book, which is a big deal. I just fundamentally disagreed with her on the issues of corruption and impunity. She wants to tolerate corruption, I wanted to end it and do it publicly as per Section 37 (6) of the PFM Law.”

“So my disagreement with President Sirleaf is on principle stand and it will always be on principle stand. Let Musa Bility and Lenn Eugene Nagbe stop the whining and crying on radio…oops prosecute John Morlu for being “strategist” for CDC…okay it is a crime now to be a Free Agent?


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