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Cancer Will Prevent Prez Sirleaf from Serving Beyond 2013, Medical Report Reveals

Africa’s first female President , Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  of Liberia is in the fight of her political career for re-election to a second term in next Tuesday elections  as that West African nation goes to the polls to elect their President and Legislators.

As the country goes  to the polls next Tuesday, “The New Dispensation” was privileged to receive authentic report of the medical condition of the   73 year old Liberian leader that the President who is seeking another six year term was long diagnosed with cancer and recent medical check up indicates the cancer will prevent her from serving beyond 2013.

A family source who pleads for straight confidentiality to conceal their identity  revealed this  to this outlet that  the President  cancer illness was  a long held  family secret hidden from the public but  recent medical examination the President underwent  about a year ago came with a dismal report which has put the family on the edge as the report indicates  the cancer will reach at a full blown and  critical mass and  by 2013, the cancer will incapacitate the President  and eventually pass on.

The little West African nation which shocked the world when it went out of traditional African taboo and elected the first African female president , brought President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to power  five years ago by winning her rival, soccer legend George Weah with a significant margin but  is believed to be struggling in the polls and her bid for re-election is uncertain. Her rival this time is considered the favorite but the final vote is what matters because similar scenario played out in the 2005 elections.

Analysts believe that the trend of the opposition, Congress for Democratic Change, CDC chances of winning the elections is crystallized as the party put in place the necessary remedies it failed to address in the 2005 elections.



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