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‘Bloody Hands’ Awarded Nobel Peace Prize, What A Travesty


On Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee announced the winners of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize  and astonishingly, two of the three women winners are President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Ms Leymah Gbowee of Liberia. The committee says this year’s award is dedicated to women who fought for human rights, non-violence and peace.

Liberians the world over were shocked when they learned their President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was one of the recipients of this year’s award sharing it with one of her fellow citizens, Ms Leymah Gbowee.  Though Liberians appreciate and welcome the news and the international attention, spotlight, and international political assert this prestigious award will bring to the country, it is dauntingly unparalleled to the blood  of the 350,000 Liberians who lost their lives in President Sirleaf’s financed war and the disgusting deception the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is concocting  portraying the Liberian President as  an angel and ambassador of peace, nonviolence, peace, a doctored picture far from the warmonger  the President is in share desecration  and affront to the  lives lost at the hands of the President’s several violence adventure, coups, militarism and war.

Liberians are shocked because there is no way on God’s planet earth that a typical Liberian in his or her own  right mind  would conceive President Sirleaf would receive a recognition or award associated with  nonviolence, human rights and peace,  let say the sacred and prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. President  Sirleaf’s work and history had never contributed to peace , human rights and nonviolence but the reverse of violence, militarism, and war. President Sirleaf is a career politician who invested all her resources into violence, militarism, and war all of which run counter productive to the Nobel Peace Prize Award envisioned by Alfred Benhard Nobel whose final “WILL” established  the Nobel Peace Prize in 1895 dedicated to promoting chemistry, physics, literature and peace  awarded   every December 10th in commemoration of his death.

According to the five member Nobel Peace Prize Committee, four of whom are women with the only man on the committee, Thorbjorn Jagland its chairman, says it stringently vetted the 241 nominations, 53 of which were organizations and concluded the Liberian President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf best deserves the prize to share with her fellow country woman, Leymah Gbowee and the Yemeni woman human rights advocate.

On the contrary, with glaring evidence Liberians can tell the Nobel Peace Prize Committee  never vetted President Sirleaf’s work and political history over the span of her political life; if the committee did, they would had come across countless accounts of materials, documentation and people in a split second that would trash the mere perception that President Sirleaf is considered a nominee for  the Nobel Peace Prize, let say a recipient.

We are convinced the justification and decision which led to choosing President Sirleaf as one of the recipients for the Nobel Peace Prize was not anchored on stringent vetting of the Liberian President  and in  consonant with Alfred Benhard Prize’s WILL , but gender bias and the ‘phenomenal of the first  female leadership in Africa’.

President Sirleaf had never worked for peace , human rights, or nonviolence but her personal ambition as a politician who wanted to become President of Liberia at all cost. Her mantra in pursuit of her ambition to rule Liberia, deployed conflict, violence, militarism, and war as her choice of tactics and work to the Executive Mansion,  killing her fellow countrymen and destroying the country along the way.

President Sirleaf masterminded the 1983 Nimba raid in Nimba County in which women and innocent children were killed  by soldiers of the Samuel Doe military  junta . In 1985, President Sirleaf  again planned  a coup to overthrow the Doe government and many Liberians died when the coup failed and hundreds of children thrown in wells alive by soldiers of the military government.

On Christmas eve, 1989,  President Sirleaf again surfaced, this time coming into Liberia with a big venture of conflict , violence and militarism by unleashing a full scale civil war on the country which lasted 14 years and killing over 350,000 of her countrymen. The Liberian President ordered Charles Taylor, her then field commander  to ‘level down the Executive Mansion’ (official home of the President), meaning Charles Taylor should burn down the mansion.

Eyewitness also wrote in the press and it is available on this site that she ordered then rebel leader Charles Taylor to execute Jackson F Doe the  former Presidential candidate who was believed to had won the 1985 elections but allegedly stolen by Samuel Doe, the military junta leader.

The eyewitness who accounts that he drove the former presidential candidate of the Liberia Action Party to the headquarters of rebel forces, NPFL  in Gbarnga from LAC (Liberia Agriculture Company)  where he was seeking refuge  after President Sirleaf inquired about him and was ordered executed on her directive after he refused to join the rebellion when she asked him to though Charles Taylor had earlier refused to kill him but President Sirleaf talked Taylor into it, insisting if Mr Doe was not executed he would pose a threat to both of them because the rebellion comprised  dominantly of Mr Doe’s kinsmen.

President Sirleaf is among 49 other Liberians who are barred  by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (institution established to look into the cause of the civil war and conflict) from holding public office for 30 years because of her role in the  civil war and many conflicts. President Sirleaf ignored the ban and  is today defiantly seeking re-election, putting herself above the law and country.

The questions the Nobel Peace Prize Committee must answer are:

1. If a Norwegian citizen had called for the burning down of the palace of the king or official residence of the Prime Minister  of Norway, would the Nobel Peace Prize Committee award that Norwegian the Nobel Peace Prize?

2. Had a Norwegian citizen  who waged war against the country be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize  ?

3. Would the Nobel Peace Prize Committee award the Nobel Peace Prize to a Norwegian who waged war against his own country?

4. Would the Nobel Peace Prize Committee ever award the Nobel Peace Prize to a Norwegian King or Prime Minister who ignores laws  the of country that bar him  from holding public office for 30 years?

If  the Nobel Peace Prize Committee answers the questions above in the non-affirmative against the backdrop the issues raise  are beyond the face of  human decency, promotion of nonviolence, peace,  human rights and advocacy against militarism, then the Nobel Peace Prize award  given to the`Liberian President  Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, be rescinded. But if the Nobel Peace Prize  Committee does not rescind their decision and revoke the award from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf , the Norwegian people and Nobel Peace Prize Committee have become accomplices to the killing of the 350,000 Liberians  and promoting the abuse of power,  violence, war and undermining the rule of law; and the blood of the 350,000 Liberians killed are on your hands too because you have deliberately put their  blood  on your hands.



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  1. Thanks, I have recently been searching for facts about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve found so far.


  2. There’s a time to allow the healing to begin. Let’s not make the mistake of always putting our anger first, and Liberia second, the damages could be irreversible.
    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is beacon of light for African women, not just my liberian sisters! She’s singlehandedly improve the way the West thought we treated our women, she’s proven beyond all reasonable doubt that our women are just as capable like us. She’s drawn a wide line between us and the Islamic African nations and how they treat their women! She’s made me wear my nationality as a badge of honor!! Mind you there were times I saw fit to just hide My nationality, My president changed that!! Even though she ordered the destruction of a city I lived in.
    There’s a time to allow the healing process, that time is now!! Very few of our leaders had bloodless hands!! Your history is good so you can confirm that.
    And in your writing you chose to expand on nothing good about the President, and please know this, though not all Liberians welcome the peace price, I can assure you more than 90% of us do, cause you know what? We’ve chosen to see it as an accomplishment for Liberia, for Godsake two Liberian women, please put away your Rich history about Ellen’s past!! A lot of people will choose not to read it, it is like so many we’ve read, there’s nothing new in it!!!


    • Her current achievements doesn’t negate the fact that she, a power hungry egomaniac, destroyed our country and thus doesn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.


  3. Wow, what an immensely beautiful piece. I see you’ve done your homework on the President!!
    I remember vividly positions, ministries, Government agencies being distributed because it was seen then as a means to end the war, somehow it calmed the situation and ushered in an atmosphere suitable enough for further discussions and foundation-building for more peace. People who fought against each other on buffer-zones, battle grounds etc, made a choice to forgive eachother!! The healing process commenced



  1. Aido

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